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A selection of powerful and professional Torches from leading brands including LED Lenser, Inova and Cyba Lite

The LED Lenser Professional torch is as bright as a spotlight with a 280m beam range and has revolutionary focus technology which means that you can narrow your beam for higher intensity.
Led Lenser P14 Professional Torch
You never know when just might need a torch. Your car could break down at night; your fuse might go in your lighting! No matter, just reach for your keys and light the way.
Led Lenser P3 Keyring Torch
A must for all professionals requiring portable light, the LED Lenser P7 torches are highly durable powerful torches for their size. Small, lightweight and featuring an advanced focus system, the P7 will outshine any light its size.
Led Lenser P7 Torches Led Lenser P7 Torches

As any accomplished diver knows, the deeper you dive, the darker it gets and so a torch is pretty much a necessity. The LED Lenser Frogman torches are bright as a spotlight and excellent for highlighting those underwater finds.
Led Lenser Frogman Diving Torches Led Lenser Frogman Diving Torches
An environmentally friendly torch that also features a loud siren, this dynamo powered wind up torch is great for emergencies, events and more...
Eco Siren Torch
Save 40%
Eco Siren Torch
Was £14.95 Now £8.99
A light that is excellent for high visibility on the road and other portable items such as tents, belts and luggage, with a bright white LED that can be easily wrapped or tied around your bike.
Buglit LED Light

The Inova X1 torches are rugged, powerful, pocket sized, water resistant, impact resistant torches featuring a super powerful 2 Watt LED. Top engineering...
Inova X1 Torches
A fantastic and incredibly practical lantern light, the Gorillatorch Switchback is supported on the super flexible Gorrillapod tripod and also includes a head torch that includes red LED’s for night vision. Brilliant!
Gorillatorch Switchback
Was £49.99 Now £37.49
Shine super bright light from the 3 Watt CREE LED Torch and use the adjustable beam to give you focus. CREE LED's provide superior light from the small, light weight and durable torch.
3 Watt CREE LED Torch

the Nite-Ize LED Wand is a highly versatile and highly visible flashlight, signal marker and flashing beacon. Fully waterproof and with an array of functions...
Signal Wand & Beacon Signal Wand & Beacon
This traffic baton can be used to direct traffic or to warn vehicles of your presence to stay safe on the roads. Multi settings include very bright LED's in red and green and also a very handy torch.
Traffic Baton
From £9.00 each
Now this is quite some torch - really, very, extremely bright, so much so that it almost looks like a light sabre!
10 Watt CREE High Power LED Torch

Fantastically handy, the LED pen torch is just the right size to store in your pocket, but gives you maximum power when needed.
Led Lenser P4 Pen Torch
A super bright 5.8 Watt LED torch the Inova XO3 has police power, control and durability and so whether you’re on a covert operation or simply enjoying your leisure time the XO3 will blaze the way.
Inova XO3 Torch
Can be used as a lantern and a torch, and features red flashing emergency light.
19 LED Camping Torch Lantern

Waterproof, Crushproof, Magnetic, Rechargeable and Visible up to 1km at night! What more can we say?
RAC Rechargeable Hazard Lights
This laser pen offers so much more -and at a fantastic price! Our fabulous four-in one laser-pen incorporates a laser-pointer, bright LED torch, pda stylus and a smooth writing ball-point pen...
Laser Pen 4 In 1
UV is incredibly versatile, light up fluorescent art, check your UV makeup or indulge your inner clean freak. Either way, the 21 LED UV torch will spectacularly light up any UV reactive ingredient...
Led UV Torch (21 LED)

A torch featuring a 4w UV blacklight tube as well as a powerful white bulb, ideal for checking for counterfeit currency or picking up bugs and dust.
Blacklight Uv Torch
Firefly is a USB or Dynamo powered rechargeable light for practically any situation! With hanging hook, magnetic fixing, just charge from USB or with a quick wind for hours of light!
Firefly Usb And Dynamo Light
The ultimate handy torch the Inova X5 UV Torch can be used for a multitude of uses and detects UV reactive materials on the 365-400 nanometer wavelength making it an absolute must tool for tradesmen, hotel inspectors and even pest control.
Inova X5 UV Torch

The uses are endless for the Energizer LED Sensor Light. Place it in the home for light when you enter a room, or outdoors in the garden or camping, it can even be used as a torch! An amazing product, you’ll always have light when you need it.
Energizer LED Sensor Light Energizer LED Sensor Light
Need the strength and reliability of a high powered durable torch? The LED Lenser Police Tech Torches are up to 3 times brighter than average and it's advanced focus system means that you can focus in on darker areas.
LED Lenser Police Tech Torches LED Lenser Police Tech Torches
See into awkward corners and retrieve metal objects with the super handy Telescopic Magnet Torch. This fabulous tool appears to be a standard torch but extends to 54cm so that you can see into tight nooks and crannies!
Telescopic Magnetic Torch Telescopic Magnetic Torch

Glowsticks are incredible fun and hugely versatile - what if you had some you could turn on & off? Use Energizer LED Glowsticks to light up kids on bikes, for partying or for visibility, simply turn on and enjoy!
Energizer LED Glowstick Energizer LED Glowstick

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