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Glow Articles

Solar Power Products - How to keep glowing
Learn how to get the best performance from Solar Powered lights, and troubleshoot common problems.

What is “glow in the dark” and how does it work?
Glow in the dark is a much loved phenomenon that engages kids and adults alike and adds that little extra magic to toys and room decorations (think glow in the dark stars), but just what is glow in the dark, and how does it work?

The Science behind the Glow Company
The Glow Company makes use of a scientific phenomenon called chemiluminescence – a chemical reaction that creates light. But how, exactly, does chemiluminescence work?...

How to Juggle: Juggling the 3 Ball Cascade
If you don’t know how to juggle already, the good news is that it doesn’t take long to learn the basics. After you’ve learned the simplest form of juggling, the ‘three ball cascade’, there are infinite variations and tricks to progress to....

The History of Lava Lamps
Lava lamps, or lavalamps, were invented in the 1960s when The Flower Children were experimenting and becoming quite good with artificial mind-altering substances and needed something other than each other to look at while uttering in euphorical trances such thought-provoking, deeply philosophical revelations

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