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Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by The Glow Company UK Ltd. We receive and process personal information from you when you contacts us, use our website or when you place an order with us. This page explains what information we receive, what we use it for, how we handle the data, who else we share it with, and what your privacy options are.

What do we collect?

Contact information

If you use our contact form, send us an email or telephone us we'll receive the contents of your message and usually your email address or telephone number.

Order information

We receive personal information from you including your name, telephone number, email address, and postal address when you enter it into our website or when you provide it to us over the telephone. We receive payment protection or fraud screening information when you make payment to us. If you place an order with us over the phone, we'll also receive your payment card information.

Newsletter subscription

If you subscribe to our email newsletter, we'll receive your name, email address and subscription information.

Login information

If you create an account on our website we'll receive your name, email address and password information. You also have the option to store addresses in your account address book.

Catalogue mailing list

If you ask us to send you our printed catalogue, we'll receive your name and postal address.

Feedback and reviews

If you provide us feedback comments or reviews, we'll receive your comments, your name or a nickname, and your email address.

Technical information

When you use our website we receive technical information about your computer, web browser and internet connection.

Our legal basis for processing your data

These are the bases under which your personal data is controlled or processed by us.

Data we collect

Basis for processing

Contact information

Your name and contact email address and / or telephone number.

For our legitimate interest in answering your enquiry. To create a contract of sale.

Order information
Your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

Payment information

Payment transaction information including payment protection or fraud screening information.

When you order by telephone, we will also collect your payment card number, expiry date, and verification number.

For creating and fulfilling a contract of sale.

To fulfil our legal obligations as a business.

Newsletter subscription
Your name, email address, your IP address, and your subscription choices.

If we receive your consent, we will process this data to provide email newsletters from The Glow Company UK Ltd.

Login information

Your name, email address, a password, addresses stored in your online address book.

If we receive your consent, we will create an online account for you.
(You can place orders on our website without creating an account)

Catalogue mailing list

Your name and postal address.

If we receive your consent, we will add you to our catalogue mailing list.

Feedback and reviews

Your name or a nickname, email address and feedback or review comments.

If we receive your consent, we will collect your feedback comments or product reviews.

Technical information

Information we receive from your computer including your IP address, software version, web browser capabilities, your order number and order value.

For our legitimate interest in providing, maintaining and improving our website service, and for our legitimate interest in operating our online advertising campaigns and affiliate programme.

How is your data used?

Contact information

When you contact us, we'll use the data we collect to respond to your enquiry. We also look through contact enquiries to try and identify common enquiries and to make sure that we're offering the best service that we can.

Order information

We use your name, address, telephone number and email address to process orders for you.

We need your name and address to create a contract of sale and to fulfil that contract by delivering products to you. We need your telephone number and email address to communicate with you regarding the details of the contract.

When you place an order over the telephone, we'll ask for payment card information. This information is used once for processing your payment and never stored. When you place your order on our website, you make payment through a secure payment provider who do not reveal your payment details to us.

However you order, we receive information from the payment provider which includes payment protection or fraud screening information. We use this to detect and prevent potentially fraudulent payments.


We use cookies and similar tracking techniques to remember you as you navigate around our website. We do this so that our website can remember your basket contents and whether you are logged in; and to provide our website service. We also use these to monitor the performance of our website, the performance of our advertising and the performance of our affiliates.

Email newsletters

If you choose to subscribe to our email newsletters, we will use your name, email address and subscription options to send you regular marketing emails. You do not have to subscribe to our newsletters to receive email updates about your orders and you can stop any newsletter subscription at any time.

Online account information

If you choose to create an account on our website, we will use your name, email address and your password to create it. We may also email you about important updates to your account or our website, such as changes to our terms and conditions or privacy policy. You can store addresses in your account address book, which we use to pre-fill parts of our checkout page for you.

Catalogue mailing list

If you ask us to, we can send you our printed catalogue featuring a selection of our products. We will use your name and address to send a printed catalogue to you.

Feedback and reviews

Sometimes we accept feedback comments and reviews. When we collect this data, we may choose to publish it to promote our website, products and service. Published versions of your submissions will often include part of your name or a chosen nickname. We do not publish any other identifying information.

We moderate submissions and, if we think you might want our help, we might contact you about your review using the contact details that you enter or, if the review is connected to an order, we might use the contact details from your order to offer our assistance.

Technical information

When you access our website, we receive some technical information about your computer, your web browser software and your internet connection. These don't identify you personally and the information is used to provide our service, to monitor our website performance and to detect and prevent abuse. We also use this data to measure the effectiveness of our online advertising and the performance of our affiliates and to operate our affiliate programme.

Who do we share your data with?

When we share your information with other entities, we have agreements in place to make sure that your data is only used for the purposes that we specify, that they don't keep the data longer than necessary and to make sure that they provide sufficient protection for your data while they are processing it.

Parcel delivery agents

We share your name and address, and sometimes your telephone number and email address, with our delivery agents. They use these details to provide the delivery of your goods, to provide tracking services for your deliveries and to communicate with you about the deliveries.

Sometimes we offer products that are dispatched directly from the manufacturer or supplier. We call this drop-shipping. When we use a drop-shipper for products that you order, the drop-shipper is provided your details only for the purposes of delivering the product to you.

Payment providers

We share your name, address, email address and contact telephone number with our payment providers when you make payment for your order. We also share your order summary information, so that you can see this while making your payment. They use this information for the purposes of providing payment processing which can include submitting your information to automated systems designed to detect and prevent potentially fraudulent payments.

Newsletter email services

You have the option of subscribing to our email newsletters; If you opt in, our newsletter sending service will receive your subscription information including your name and email address and any subscription options you choose. They use this to provide the email newsletters to you, to monitor the performance of those newsletters and to keep a record of your consent and subscription options.

Catalogue mailing services

We sometimes use a bulk mailing service to send out our printed catalogue. If you have requested to receive our catalogue, we will share your name and address with the mailing service. They use this to deliver a catalogue to you.

Analytics providers

When you use our website, your website browsing behaviour is collected by our analytics providers. They use the data to help us monitor and report on the performance of our website, our advertising, and our affiliate programmes.

We don't provide any of your personally identifying information to our analytics providers, but they may combine the anonymous information that we provide with other information they have collected elsewhere which does identify you. This combined information may be added to their records and be processed for the purposes of targeted advertising on other websites.

Advertising and affiliates

We don't show any ads on our website, but if you agree to see targeted advertising in other websites and services, you might see ads that are targeted based on your visit to our website; you may even see ads for our products.

We share anonymised tokens from your activity on our website with advertising services to match our online ads with our customers.

Some of our analytics tracking is for monitoring our online advertising. If you make a purchase, your order number and the order totals are shared with our advertising programme operators. They use this information to monitor the success of our advertising campaigns and to provide the online advertising service.

Some of our analytics tracking is for monitoring our affiliate programme. If you make a purchase, your order number and the order value is shared with the affiliate programme operator. They use this information to operate the affiliate programme.

How long do we keep your data?

Contact information

We operate filtering and SPAM protection systems that filter out and delete some messages immediately. We store messages for 7 years. Messages older than this are deleted. If your message relates to an order, we may add information from the message to our order information.

Order information

To fulfil our legal obligations, we need to keep records of orders placed for 7 years. When your personal order information is no longer required, we will remove all your personally identifying information from our order records but keep the information that doesn't identify you. We use the anonymized sales data to monitor our sales, product and service performance.

Online account information

You can place orders without registering an account. If you create one, we'll keep your account information for 7 years since you last placed an order. After that time we will delete your online account. If you'd like us to delete your account sooner, please contact us to request this.

Newsletter subscription information

If you opt in to our newsletter service, we'll remember your newsletter subscription details for as long as you remain a subscriber. You can opt out of further email newsletters at any time to terminate your subscription.

Catalogue mailing list

We will keep your name and address on our catalogue mailing list until you ask us to remove you, or if a catalogue is returned to us as undeliverable. If you'd like us to stop posting you printed catalogues, please contact us to request this.

We periodically prune addresses from our mailing list, too, and we might remove you from the mailing list if it looks like no orders are placed matching your catalogue mailing list address.

Feedback and reviews

We will keep feedback comments and reviews indefinitely. We may choose to stop publishing any reviews or remove specific reviews at any time. We may remove reviews for products that are no longer available. You can also ask us to remove your feedback or reviews that we have published.

How can you control your data?

We provide tools to help you manage your preferences and control your data online.

You can also contact us to ask us to correct any inaccurate information, to change your direct marketing preferences, or to have your personal data erased.

Newsletter subscriptions

If you have opted to subscribe to our email newsletters, each newsletter you receive will include an instant-unsubscribe link or button. Using this option immediately stops future mailings being sent to you.

Online account data

Personal information stored in your online account can be amended by visiting your account dashboard. You can create, update, edit, and delete addresses stored in your address book, change your name, email address and your password.

Catalogue mailing list

If you have requested to receive our printed catalogue, you can ask us to stop sending them to you at any time. Please contact us to request this.

Feedback and reviews

If you wish to submit a new review for a product you can do this at any time. If you have a published comment or review that you'd like us to remove, please contact us to request this.

Your legal rights

Your right to access

You can ask us for confirmation that we are processing your personal data, you may also ask us for a copy of the personal data we hold about you.

Your right to object

You can ask us to stop processing your data for the purposes of direct marketing at any time and we will stop as soon as possible and within 28 days. Normally we will remember your information as ‘suppressed', where we'll keep enough information to ensure that you do not receive further direct marketing.

You can also object to our processing of your contact information (for non-marketing purposes) or to our processing of technical information when you access our website. Please contact us to object to this processing.

Your right to rectification

You can ask us to correct any inaccurate or incomplete records of your personal information at any time. We will make the appropriate amendments, or explain why we won't, within 28 days.

Your right to erasure

You can ask us to delete your personal information at any time. If we are not legally or contractually obliged to keep it, we will delete your personal data, or explain why we won't, within 28 days. If you request to have your data forgotten we will take these steps:

If you have an online account, it will be deleted.

If you have a newsletter subscription, it will be stopped and deleted.

If you have any published feedback comments or reviews, they will be either deleted or anonymized.

If you have an address on our catalogue mailing list, it will be removed.

If you have placed any orders, and if we no longer need your order information for our contractual or legal obligations, we will remove your personal information leaving only anonymous sales data. If we still are required to keep your data, we will schedule it to be anonymized as soon as this is no longer the case.

Additional legal rights

These provisions do not restrict or override any legal rights that you have.

If you have a complaint

You can contact us if you have a query or complaint about the way we process your personal information and we'll do our best to help explain what we do and to put right anything that has gone wrong.

If you are unsatisfied with our response to your complaint, you can report your concerns to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) (

How to contact us

You can contact us by using the contact form on our website, by emailing, or by telephoning 0345 505 9090 - Lines are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday except public holidays.

You can also write to us:
Unit 3 Faraday Close Harworth Doncaster DN11 8RU

Who are the third parties?

Delivery providers


DPD Local (

Royal Mail (

Payment Providers

SagePay (

PayPal (

Newsletter email services

MailChimp (

Analytics providers

Google Analytics (

Bing Analytics (

Advertising and affiliates

Google Adwords (
You may control your Google Advertising preverencesin your My Activity dashboard.

Bing Analytics (

Facebook (

Affiliate Windows (

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