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The Glow Company UK - Customers

We have been supplying innovative, fun & practical glow products for over 13 years. Our customers range from well known 'Blue Chip' businesses, Local Governments, Schools, Universities, PTA groups and of course the general public. Here are comments and reviews from our customers. Thank you for your positive comments

P 26th of June 2007
Excellent Service received last time.
S L 26th of June 2007
easy to use site
S E 25th of June 2007
Just a quick note to thank you for the extra key ring torch you enclosed with my recent order. The item is just perfect for what I need it for and an excellent delivery service as well. I will be telling my friends about how good you company is
Andrew M 25th of June 2007
i cant believe im spending so much! it is worth it though.
M 25th of June 2007
Great website
J 25th of June 2007
im addicted to this site .:)
J 25th of June 2007
Excellent array of pretty things
A 25th of June 2007
well put together site, reasonable prices and good communications, many thanks :)
K 24th of June 2007
great products on here
P 24th of June 2007
Nice site
T 24th of June 2007
Great spa products.
L 24th of June 2007
Fantastic site. Did have discount voucher from last order but lost it :(
S C S 24th of June 2007
Yay for paint that glows!!
R K 23rd of June 2007
cool site, you reminded me of the existance of GITD paint and helped solve a difficult problem :)
F M L 23rd of June 2007
Still lovin the site!
D 23rd of June 2007
What a great site
S K 22nd of June 2007
keep up the good work
S J L 22nd of June 2007
this site is amazing....i could easy spend hundreds of pounds on cool stuff!
R 22nd of June 2007
excellent range
S V 22nd of June 2007
good service
W J S 21st of June 2007
Thank you so much, I received the package this morning at work. Really happy with this excellent service.Yours,
Julia 21st of June 2007
May the force be with you!
P 21st of June 2007
good choice of products at reasonable prices
J H 21st of June 2007
The gloves are good for marshalliing aircraft, good to see what buttons you are pressing in the cockpit
I P 21st of June 2007
It's a great site :-)
D 21st of June 2007
S J 20th of June 2007
great value
L 20th of June 2007
Have received brilliant service in the past
L 20th of June 2007
Brilliant lighting ideas, Perfect for an asian wedding
S S A 19th of June 2007

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