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The Glow Company UK - Customers

We have been supplying innovative, fun & practical glow products for over 13 years. Our customers range from well known 'Blue Chip' businesses, Local Governments, Schools, Universities, PTA groups and of course the general public. Here are comments and reviews from our customers. Thank you for your positive comments

Some great stuff
C 9th of June 2007
Thanks for taking the time and replying. Very much appreciated.
Steve B 8th of June 2007
These glow frisbees are fab at festivals when you can
C 8th of June 2007
good price
J L 8th of June 2007
fantastic site!
S L 8th of June 2007
love the stuff you sell, the 6" glow sticks are ideal for scouting members of all ages to use.
N 7th of June 2007
T 7th of June 2007
love your stuff
S C 7th of June 2007
Your site is bleedin marvellous and if I won the lottery I would buy everything!
M J 5th of June 2007
L L 5th of June 2007
Too much too chooses from!! I could end up looking like a Christmas tree
S 5th of June 2007
Fantastic selection.
S 5th of June 2007
the site is cool
C J 5th of June 2007
Nice site
S M 4th of June 2007
Some excellent products.
D J 4th of June 2007
Easy to navigate site, well laid out-would reccomend.
L 4th of June 2007
S B 2nd of June 2007
You site is illuminating!
R 2nd of June 2007
well laid out site.
L 1st of June 2007
nice site:]
S J 1st of June 2007
Good prices and loads of choice.
Alexana N 1st of June 2007
Great site!
A 1st of June 2007
Just to say great website
P 1st of June 2007
very nicely laid out web site, easy on the eyes too
J A 1st of June 2007
Fab stuff!!!
N 1st of June 2007
good reasonable price
J L 30th of May 2007
looking forwards to turning out the lights !
A S 30th of May 2007
new products getting more and more diverse. Keep it up!
S A 30th of May 2007
Yea you have loads of cool stuff, i'm putting you in my favourites
Stefan K 30th of May 2007
Very reasonable
E 28th of May 2007

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