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Glow Juggling

the most impressive kind of juggling! Try your hand at Glow Juggling with light up Juggling Balls, Light Up Diablo, Hula Hoop impressively at night & more...

Create amazing rainbow patterns in the air with this Light Up Rainbow Hula Hoop!
Light Up and Flashing Hoop
From £7.80 each
A superb quality rugged, throwable, bouncable rubber ball with a bright, colourful light at its core ideal for all kinds of fun and games, especially after dark.
Meteor Ball Led Light Up Ball
Create dazzling yoyo tricks in the dark with the YO-FX! This fantastic yoyo lights up and makes explosive sounds when you throw it down and wind it back up.
Yo-fx Light Up Yoyo

Hula up a colourful storm of light trails when you hula with an LED Festival Hula Hoop! Ideal for performance and dance, these fantastic LED hoops come with fast or slow colour change light sequences.
LED Festival Hula Hoops
100 Pink Glow Bracelets FREE, 100 Green Glow Bracelets FREE
LED Festival Hula Hoops
Add a cool glowing effect to your endless flicks, tricks and stunts with this awesome glow in the dark diabolo.
Glow in the Dark Diabolo
Brighten up your game of catch and do hacky sack tricks with the Astrobrite LED Bean Ball.
Astrobrite LED Bean Ball

Available in Blue & Pink, Perform endless flicks, tricks and stunts in the dark.
Flashing Diabolo
Make your juggling act that little bit more spectacular with UV reactive Henry's Diabolo String. Ideal for performances on stage or in clubs or even for dressing up outfits for stage and parties.
UV Diabolo String UV Diabolo String

Great love receiving emails and seeing all the new products available. Great for original present ideas.

Kaz R
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