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Hi-Reflective Umbrella

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And when we say bright...we mean BRIGHT!

A fantastic tough and windproof umbrella which folds down from a 100cm diameter, 56cm tall brolly, to a tidy 25cm long brolly thanks to its telescopic design. The metal components are aluminium making it lightweight, durable, and they won't rust or corode. In the daytime the umbrella is a classic grey colour, but at night the super reflective material will really get you noticed when near any light source such as street lighting and car headlights. The fabric of the umbrella is covered with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of tiny reflective beads which give it a subtle glittery sheen, that when caught in the headlights of a car, appear to light up like the moon. Whether you want high visibility protection for added safety, or just to look totally cool, this umbrella does the job...oh and it keeps you dry too!

  • Telescopic
  • Windproof
  • Cover included
  • Very hi-reflective coating
  • 25cm long when folded down
  • 56cm tall opened
  • 100cm diameter

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