Be Prepared! A Glowing Camping Guide

Be Prepared!

A summer stay under the stars and the freedom to enjoy nature in its very own environment, camping can be an incredibly rewarding experience and is fantastic fun for families, so much so that it’s been listed as number three in the Natural Trusts’ “50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4”.

The phrase “be prepared” an outdoor mantra coined by the Boy Scouts applies perfectly to camping trips and excursions outdoors, if you’re well prepared your camping trips can bring your closer together as a family and build a lifetime of fabulous memories. With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide for you to ensure a successful camping trip, simply follow the points, gather up your family and off you go to a summer choc full of wonderful experiences! Let’s go!

A Glowing Camping Guide

Your camping equipment guide…..

1. Your Tent

The first thing to think about on a camping trip is your shelter, namely your tent. Tents are measured in berths and it’s safe to assume that your luggage is the size of a person, with this in mind, a family of four should be more than comfortable in an eight berth tent which will give enough space for you, your family and your equipment. The Glow company suggest all manner of ways of lighting up your tent so you can see in it and locate it easily at a distance.

2. Camping Stove

You have to eat! Eating outdoors can be one of the great pleasures of your camping trip and a handy camping stove can make all the difference. New high tech stoves such as the Biolite Campstove burn biomass fuel (twigs, pine cones, wood pellets etc…) that’s easy to come across and also converts heat to electricity so that it can power your phone and gadgets by USB too!

3. Citronella Candle Tins

Unfortunately one of the downsides of enjoying nature and the great outdoors is those pesky little insects that just love to bite! When you sit around your campfire and enjoy a well deserved meal, make sure you don’t become a bite to eat for those pesky mosquitoes; light a citronella candle tin and ward off insects for up to twelve hours.

4. Torch/Lantern

An absolute essential! Guide your way around your tent and your campsite at night so that those night time trips to the loo don’t become an assault course! A small lantern inside the tent will also give younger kids reassurance at night acting as a night light when they settle down to sleep. Torches are also brilliant fun for night time nature walks and caving too!

5. Solar Kettle

Us Brits simply can’t function without a nice tasty brew! A solar powered kettle won’t need batteries and will give Mum and Dad the comfort of a morning cup of tea and can also be used to boil water to ensure that it’s safe to drink.

6. Glow Wellies and Waterproofs

The Great British weather is anything but predictable, and with rain never a far away threat even on the most sunniest of days, it makes sense to carry waterproofs at all times. Keep your family dry and prevent major discomfort and sad faces. Wellies are perfect not just for rain but for walking up streams too. Add a little fun to your look with customised wellies; kids love character based wellies, while teenagers and Mum will love glow in the dark wellies!

7. Entertainment - Light Up Frisbee

Go back to basics for entertainment and come together as a family; ditch the gadgets and pick up a football, have a kick about, play rounders, cricket or Frisbee. Get competitive and play in teams, and when it starts to get dark, bring out light up Frisbees and flashing balls!

8. Glowsticks

Always associated with parties, these handy little light sticks are perfect for outdoors trips. They can be used for safety as a light source, as a warning beacon, or to wave for help, but can also be used to decorate your tent, to act as children's night lights, or simply to enjoy juggling and dancing with! Their uses are endless!

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