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Glow for the Home

Real Flame Lamps

Enjoy the warmth and design of instant flames emitted from Real Flame Lamps.

A warm and decorative table lamp, the Real Flame Sphere creates a warm and cosy atmosphere and makes a great table decoration.
Real Flame Sphere
Relax and enjoy real flames in an instant either in or outdoors with stylish Black Cube Real Flame Lamp. Sleek and contemporary it'll lift your home with it's wonderful ambient warmth. Don't forget your fuel! A one litre bottle burns between 4-6 hours, numbers can be amended at checkout.
Real Flame Lamp - Black Cube
Designed for torchlit processions and perfect to light up the garden to show walkways or to add illumination at your barbeque or garden party these Procession Torches or Garden Candles look fantastic…
Procession Torch / Garden Candles
From £1.46 each

Stylish stainless steel garden torches to light up table tops and patio sets on summers nights.
Stainless Steel Tabletop Garden Torch (Singular)
Make over your empty or dull fireplace with the minimalistic and sleek Ember Bio Fuel Flame Lamp.
Real Flame Ember
Combine the inviting warmth of real flames with the minimalist style of the Real Flame Reflection Lamp for a strikingly beautiful table lamp.
Real Flame Reflection

Protect your patio from irritating insects when you burn citronella lantern oil in a stylish Stainless Steel Garden Torch.
Stainless Steel Garden Torch 1.15m
Get the comfort and warmth of real flames and the practicality of a coffee table with the stunning Real Flame Curved Coffee Table.
Real Flame Curved Coffee Table
Combine stunning minimalist style with instant real flames in the Blaze Real Flame Lamp. Use in or outdoors for a relaxing ambiance that can only be achieved with real flames. Don't forget your fuel! A one litre bottle burns between 4-6 hours. Numbers can be amended in checkout.
Blaze Real Flame Lamp

Get the warmth and comfort of real flames in any room, on any wall in any space with the super stylish Real Flame Ignite.
Real Flame Ignite
Sleek, stylish and incredibly convenient, the Real Flame Elements Fire adds instant warmth and comfort to your room.
Real Flame Elements Fire
The ultimate space saver! Get the comfort and warmth of a real flame fire and the convenience of a coffee table in one! The Real Flame Dual Coffee Table is the ultimate contemporary furniture piece. Don’t forget your fuel! You can alter quantities in checkout.
Real Flame Dual Coffee Table

Suitable for all outdoor lamps and torches that use a wick.
1 Litre Citronella Lantern Oil
Real Flame Gel Fluid instantly creates vibrant golden flames, making it perfect for use with real flame gel lamps either indoors or outdoors.
Real Flame Gel Fluid
An eco friendly fuel for your fixed real flame fire lamps, such as the Real Flame Dual Coffee Table and the Radiance.
Bio Ethanol Fuel

A pack of three replacement wicks for the stainless steel garden torches.
Heavy Duty Wicks for Torches (3 Pack)
Real warmth and ambiance from real flames in an instant! The Pebble Real Flame Lamp has stunning smooth lines for contemporary style in or outdoors. Remember to order your gel fuel. A one litre bottle burns between 4-6 hours. Quantities can be amended at checkout.
Pebble Real Flame Lamp (Singular) Pebble Real Flame Lamp (Singular)
Real flame Fire Gel with added insect repellent becomes Real Flame Citronella Gel which is perfect for outdoor use with gel burners and real flame fires.
Real Flame Citronella Gel Real Flame Citronella Gel

Excellent. I'll be back

Morag C
16th of April 2014
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