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Sensory Glow ~ April is Autism Awareness Month

Glow Party

Light Up & UV Bar Ware

Bar ware that will have all of your guests talking including LED ice cubes, flashing wine glasses & stirrers.

Get the party started by serving your drinks in this flashing frosted stein
Frosted Stein
As low as £2.88 each
Add some cool blue glow to your bottle as it rests cooling with this ice blue LED ice bucket.
Blue Led Ice Bucket
Glowing Cups - great for a few drinks in the garden or for a full powered glow party! The glow moves inside the glass as you drink!
Glow Cups
As low as £0.90 each

A fun and vibrant plastic wine glass with various lighting modes including your choice of seven light colours or colour changing / morphing mode.
Light Up Wine Glass
As low as £2.15 each
Add some sparkle to your party with a flashing coke glass with various colour changing settings to light up your drinks.
Flashing Coke Glass
As low as £2.27 each
Go the whole hog and present your party cocktails in fabulous Flashing Martini Glasses! A reusable light up cocktail glass with eight colourful light modes to illuminate your party drinks!
Light Up Martini Glass
As low as £2.15 each

Brighten up your glass and add a little colour to your drinks with these amazing light up Ice Cubes. These flashing ice cubes available in white, blue or multi coloured
Flashing Ice Cubes
As low as £0.95 each
Add even more sparkle to your celebrations with Flashing Champagne Glasses, a plastic champagne glass lit with multicoloured LED's
Light Up Champagne Glass
As low as £2.15 each
Lighten up the party atmosphere with this illuminated drinks jug. It holds 1400ml of drinks and features colour fading LED lights...
Light Up Drinks Jug

Glow Martini glass. A substantial & good quality martini shaped glow in the dark cup - the glow moves freely throughout the cup. Great for drinks & desserts.
Glow Martini Cup
As low as £1.40 each
Enjoy party drinks from a colourful cup! The Light Up Rainbow Cup is lit by red, green and blue LED's for funky party effects. Click between colours of enjoy colour change effects to compliment your party theme.
Light Up Rainbow Cups
As low as £2.27 each
Why not add a to the party atmosphere to your drinks with this strobing beer glass...
Flashing Beer Glass
As low as £2.15 each

Shine colourful light through drinks or even vases and protect your surfaces at the same time with a colour change coaster.
Colour Change Coaster
Give an alien green glow to your drinks with Space Invaders glow in the dark shot glasses!
Space Invaders Glow Shot Glasses (4 Pack)
This Giant Wine Glass will add a little elegance to any table arrangement, a centrepiece that will get the conversation flowing as smoothly as the drinks.
Giant Wine Glass

Add some colour to your cocktail making and create a light show with a light up cocktail shaker. Strut your cocktail barman moves and really light up the party. Fun to make, even better to drink!
Strobing Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail stirrers are a must have accessory for any party. Add a touch of colour to your drinks with neon cocktail stirrers, best of all they’re UV reactive and so will put out a colourful glow under UV and blacklight.
UV Neon Cocktail Stirrers (25 Pack)
UV Reactive Pint Glasses - reuseable and colourful plastic pint cups that glow brightly under UV light or blacklight!
UV Reactive Pint Glasses
As low as £1.00 each

Bring some old school Hollywood glamour to the table with a Giant Martini Glass centrepiece.
Giant Martini Glass
A classy alternative to our Glow Cups, These light up margherita glasses feature seven different lighting modes. Add some extra sparkle to your party!
Light Up Margherita Glasses
As low as £1.67 each
Personalise your drink with these silicone drink markers and your drink will be spoken for all night, putting paid to those 'which one is mine' moments!
Glow Alphabet Drink Markers

Add a little magic to your ice cream sundae with glowing UV reactive Sundae Spoons. These longer length spoons also make fantastic glowing drinks stirrers for your cocktail party!
UV Sundae Spoons & Drink Stirrers (24 pack)
Make the most of your desserts with Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Cups. Perfect for parties!
Glow Ice Cream Cups (4 Pack)
UV Reactive Shot Glasses - reuseable and colourful plastic shot cups that glow brightly under UV light or blacklight!
UV Reactive Shot Glasses
As low as £0.66 each

A jumbo pack of 225 Bendy Straws in 4 bright neon colours.
Neon Bendy Straws (225 pack)
Glow shot glasses are great for parties. Like glowsticks these glow shot glasses glow brightly for 8+ hours. Watch the glow swirl around the cup as you drink
Glow Shot Glasses
As low as £1.00 each
UV Reactive High Ball Glasses - reuseable and colourful plastic hi-ball cups that glow brightly under UV light or blacklight!
UV Reactive High Ball Glasses
As low as £1.00 each

These cool Glow Straws will certainly make your drink glow. The glow stick inside the straw goes up and down as you suck on the straw, a great fun product.
Glow Straws Cocktail Stirrers
As low as £0.33 each
Add a little festive cheer to your drinks this Christmas with the Flashing Ho Ho Santa Straw. Pop it in your drinks to light up Santa and hear his Merry Christmas message.
Flashing Ho Ho Santa Straw
Was £2.95 Now £1.99
Watch this freaky looking straw come to life when you drink through it, the Scream Skull Straw flashes and emits a frightening scream as you drink!
Screaming Skull Straw

Get the party started! Flashing shot glasses are the perfect addition to any party and lights up drinking games! Just pour in the drink and watch them light up!
Flashing Shot Glasses (3 Pack)
A striking centrepiece for your next party, the Illuminated Drinks Fountain cascades your party drinks through three tiers for cool party effects!
Illuminated Drinks Fountain Illuminated Drinks Fountain
A party in your optics, this LED Illuminated Bar Caddy lights up every time you pour a shot for perfectly measured drinks!
LED Illuminated Bar Caddy LED Illuminated Bar Caddy

Keep your drinks cool and your surroundings even cooler with a stunning LED Colour Change Ice Bucket.
LED Ice Bucket LED Ice Bucket

I thought this was an excellent website - beautifully photographed and I wanted to spend more - though my budget wont allow it at the moment - I will definately be looking at it again near Christmas!

Jo R
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