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Veglo Commuter X4 ~ as seen on This Morning

Glow Kids

Childrens Toys

More fun than usual toys, glow toys are comforting too. From a glowing take on classic toys to softly glowing teddies & more!

Solve the puzzle, complete the circuits and trigger the light show! Challenge your mind with the Cool Circuits Light Puzzle.
Cool Circuits Light Puzzle
Skate, ride and do tricks in these awesome Heelie Wheelie roller skates; they light up as you ride too!
Heelie Wheelie Light Up Skates
Project the Northern Lights, play soothing tunes and enjoy a soothing light show all from this Cosmic UFO night light!
Cosmic UFO Lamp

What if you could build your very own construction and then light it up so that it shines brightly for all to see? Light Stax building blocks illuminate from within for truly enlightened buildings!
Light Stax Building Blocks
The Fuze Wheel Writer features super-bright LED’s that create cool images and animations as you ride. The faster you pedal, the cooler they look!
Fuze Wheel Writer
From the makers of Robofish comes the enchanting Robo Mermaid! A beautiful water activated mermaid that swims and dances in four different directions in her very own water wonderland.
My Magical Mermaid Set

A very funky backpack for all of your everyday essentials that glows in the dark with a galaxy of stars!
Spiral Glow Galaxy Backpack
Submerge these colourful smart fish in water and watch as they swim, dip and dive in all directions pulsing with a mesmerising LED glow.
Aquabot LED Fish (Single)
The Hexbug Aquabot Glow Zombie Shark lurks around your fish bowl spooking all that see it with it's glow in the dark skeleton! Yikes!
Aquabot Glow Zombie Shark

Your very own walking, roaring, emotionally intelligent pet T-Rex! Teksta T-Rex moves just like the real thing and is controlled by your voice and hand gestures. Roarsome!
Teksta T-Rex
A Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 smart fish with a bonus bowl habitat, drop your Aquabot into the water and see it dip, swim and dive with realistic accuracy!
Aquabot Bowl and LED Fish
Keep busy kids about town seen with super bright LED's from the JCB LED Backpack.
JCB LED Backpack

Support your child's posture as they work on homework, gaming or crafts with a stable, even surface with the Laptop Lap Tray.
Laptop Lap Tray
What better way to protect your computer from nosy intruders than with the Force from Yoda himself!
Star Wars Yoda Desk Protector
Get up close and personal with mighty dino's and keep nosy siblings from invading your room with a terrifying roar from the T-Rex projector and room guard!
T-Rex Projector & Room Guard

Spoke Lit bike lights clip onto your bike's spokes much like your reflectors do, but give them a squeeze and your wheels become highly visible as you ride...
Nite Ize Spoke Lit Bicycle Light
Light up your room with your very own moon! The remote controlled Illuminated Moon shines with the twelve phases of the moon into your room.
RC Illuminated Moon
Load up the Roman Candle Fireball Blaster with colourful light up balls, before shooting them high up into the air! Your very own roman candle firework show anytime you want!
Uncle Milton Roman Candle Fireball

With a belly full of fireflies and sounds effects of crickets in the rain or a soft lullaby, the Twinkling Firefly Frog is a sweet bedtime companion for your child.
Twinkling Firefly Frog
Keep littles ones seen on the school run with a magical light up backpack featuring Disney Princess Sofia the First!
Disney's Sofia LED Backpack
Twilight Turtle Tunes uses wireless Bluetooth technology to combine sound and starlight, projecting a magical starry sky whilst playing soft melodies and soothing sounds.
Twilight Turtle Tunes

Brighten up your child's room with twinkling fireflies! Fireflies in my Room is a ceiling mounted cascading habitat of leaves for LED fireflies that create a magical atmosphere in your child's room.
Uncle Milton Fireflies in my Room
The clever Nuby Glow Comforter combines a soft character comforter with tactile details and a glow in the dark teething ring so you can find it in the dark.
Nuby Glow Comforter
Grow your own Aqua Dragons and watch them grow, eat, swim, play and even reproduce, in their fascinating illuminated underwater world!
Aqua Dragons with LED Lights

Flood your party with bubbles to create the ultimate magical party atmosphere.
Mini Bubble Machine
The Stunt Racer 360 isn’t like other remote controlled cars. Switch it on and it will engulf with super-bright lights, then set it going and watch the awesome 360 degree spins and amazing light show appear in front of your eyes!
Stunt Racer 360
The Cloud B Twilight Car night light has a need for speed! A fully functioning push-and-play car by day and a night light at bedtime
Cloud B Twilight Car

Relive a youth of baited breath and overwhelming anxiety, as you painstakingly try to guide a hoop around a bendy maze, without it touching the sides. Bendy Buzz Off takes things to a whole new level!
Bendy Buzz Off
Tengu All Stars have all the character of Original Tengu with an added dose of awesome! Three fun characters available.
Tengu All Stars
Yoda is the most powerful Jedi Master in the Star Wars Universe, and he’s putting his awesome powers to good use, lighting up your room with this cool LEGO LED Desk Lamp.
Lego Yoda LED Desk Lamp

Have fun and get creative in the dark with the fantastic Novaglow Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall - Paint with light and make shadows - Watch the video!
Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall
Free UV Keyring Torch
Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall
An extremely lightweight and nimble remote controlled infrared flying UFO, this crash resistant UFO will zip around your room at surprising speed and lights up too. Fly your own remote controlled space ship!
Remote Controlled Infrared Flying UFO
A fantastic Desk Lamp for Star Wars fans
Lego Darth Vader LED Desk Lamp

Light up the night with the Fuze Gyro Glow, creating awesome spiralling patterns of light as you pedal.
Fuze Gyro Flasher
A mini nocturnal version of a classic, Glow in the Dark Desktop Ping Pong will give you hours of amusement, both day and night.
Glow in the Dark Desktop Ping Pong
Create glowing drawings that move!
Crayola Glow Book

With vacant green eyes and rotting glow in the dark flesh, these creepy flesh eating zombies set the scene for your very own zombie apocalypse!
Glow in the Dark Zombie Play Set
Was £19.91 Now £9.95
Watch in awe as the bright lights of the big cities across the world illuminate from East to West as the sun sets on Earth in my Room.
Uncle Milton Earth in my Room
Be cool and be seen with Blink Budz – motion activated earphones that flash as you move.
Blink Budz

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No!'s a Micro Drone! Not content with flying straight, this amazing piece of kit performs some pretty impressive aerial acrobatics too.
Micro Drone 2.0
Imaginative, scientific and more to point fun, this 14in1 Educational Solar Robot kit allows you to build fourteen robots at two different ability levels and even moves on land and water!
14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot
Bring the dazzling effects of the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights into your home, and spend hours marvelling at the beautiful light show projection.
Aurora Lights Projector

The Cloud B Twilight Octopus portable night light casts a glow of stars, bubbles and fish all around the room. Just the thing to soothe little ones to sleep whether at home or away
Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go
Create funky circles of light as you ride with See'em LED Bike Spoke Lites. Bright, fun and high visibility as you ride your bike at night!
Nite Ize See'ems Spoke Lite (2 Pack)
An educational kit that can be powered by either the solar panel or rechargeable battery, build your own space station, shuttle, astronaut or space themed robots with full movement with a Solar Space Station Robot.
Solar Space Fleet Robot 7 in 1

Protect your room from nosy invaders with the terrifying Lord Voldemort Room Guard. Lord Voldemort will light up, cast spells and ward off intruders with his evil laughter! Yikes!
Lord Voldemort Room Guard
Was £29.99 Now £24.98
A combined Globe and Star map, showing political boundaries and geographical features in daylight and displaying a glowing white star map at night...
Earth And Constellation Globe
Light up Skipping Ropes are stuffed with LED lights that light up the whole length of the rope
Light up Skipping Rope
As low as £5.39 each

Funky Red Led Thundercat Skate Board
Thundercats Light Up Skateboard
A FANTASTIC LED light up frisbee. With 30 hour colour changing LED lights, this full sized 130g frisbee is a must have item...
Light Up Frisbee
As low as £3.12 each
Brighten up your game of catch and do hacky sack tricks with the Astrobrite LED Bean Ball.
Astrobrite LED Bean Ball

A superb quality rugged, throwable, bouncable rubber ball with a bright, colourful light at its core ideal for all kinds of fun and games, especially after dark.
Meteor Ball Led Light Up Ball
Amazing Shooting Star Projector, lie back, look for stars, make a wish!
Uncle Milton Shooting Stars in my Room
Make awesome mean looking tractors and then light them up with the incredible Laser Pegs Tractor Kit! Your construction sites will never be the same again!
Laser Pegs Tractor Kit

LED light whilst fishing? Combine the two and you get the unbreakable Disco 20 Spinning Reel fishing rod.
Fishing Rod with LED Reel
Add a cool glowing effect to your endless flicks, tricks and stunts with this awesome glow in the dark diabolo.
Glow in the Dark Diabolo
A 3 in 1 transformer, this little robot becomes a tank and a spaceship, expose it to sunlight and the solar panels energise it making it move! Hours of fun for the kids, and you!
Solar 3 In 1 Transformer Toy

Your home becomes an alien battleground through the eyes of the App Blaster App Gun! A fabulous interactive shoot em up, blast aliens with this fun gaming accessory!
App Blaster App Gun
Was £19.99 Now £10.99
Colourful painting without the mess! Introduce your little ones to creativity and art without risking your surfaces.. the Magic Light Brush only applies colour to Crayola Colour Wonder Paper giving them the freedom to explore!
Crayola Magic Light Brush
Illuminate your designs with bright light that doesn't fade with the Laser Pegs AC Adaptor Kit.
Laser Pegs AC Mains Adaptor

These funky headphones not only light up, they pulse to the beat of your music too! Available in blue, red and green.
LED Fibre Optic Headphones
Available in Blue & Pink, Perform endless flicks, tricks and stunts in the dark.
Flashing Diabolo Flashing Diabolo
Create dazzling yoyo tricks in the dark with the YO-FX! This fantastic yoyo lights up and makes explosive sounds when you throw it down and wind it back up.
Yo-fx Light Up Yoyo Yo-fx Light Up Yoyo

This funky Space Invaders Alarm Clock wakes you with real sounds from the number one retro arcade game!
Space Invaders Alarm Clock Space Invaders Alarm Clock
Enjoy all the pleasures of having a cute pet fish without the care and maintenance! The Fincredible Aquarium is home to your own electronic fish in an illuminated colour change bowl.
Fincredible Aquarium Fincredible Aquarium
Alien Attack is the ultimate 360 degree shooting game. Fight a battle against an alien invasion in your very own home
Alien Attack Alien Attack

Bouncy balls have been a fun favourite for years. This bumper tub contains a massive SEVENTY TWO glow in the dark bouncy balls, guaranteeing hours of fun for all ages.
Mega Tub of 72 Glow Bouncy Balls Mega Tub of 72 Glow Bouncy Balls

Very good and very secure. excellent service. many thanks.

Julie C
25th of March 2015
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