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Glow Sticks & Novelties

Flashing Novelties

Exciting flashing novelties & light up toys! Spinning, flashing colourful LED lights in swords, necklaces & space guns!

A fun flashing novelty with red, green and blue LEDs for a brilliant colourful spinner effect!
Flashing Cyber Gun
As low as £2.22 each
A very bright flashing star wand with magical effects. Bright flashing LED lights in the star and the stick handle and finished with a flashing disco ball...
Flashing Star Wand
As low as £1.91 each
Large rainbow Flashing Foam Batons with mutli-coloured lights and mult-modes. Soft, safe, flexible & FUN!
Flashing Foam Stick
As low as £1.07 each

Wow! The Flashing Mega Sword is our biggest laser sword yet! Colourful LED's light up the holographic "blade" with three mega effects and project colourful light from the sci fi crystal ball at the base!
Flashing Mega Sword
As low as £2.34 each
Shoot swirling rainbows of colour when you pull the trigger of the Flashing Rainbow Windmill Gun! Two arms full of colourful LED's rotate to create mesmerising light shows!
Flashing Windmill Gun
As low as £1.98 each
The LED Foam Necklace is just like our Flashing Foam Stick but in a necklace form that pops around your neck.
LED Foam Necklace
As low as £1.79 each

Spinning colour-changing fun! This Rainbow Windmill features bright coloured LED lights along the length of each of its three soft foam arms which create absolutely stunning light effects.
Flashing Rainbow Windmill
As low as £2.46 each
Hats don't come much cooler than this! The bright and funky Flashing Squid Hat has bulging cartoon eyes and gangly tentacles, all filled with flashing LED's.
Flashing Squid Hat
As low as £3.00 each
Get the look and accessorise your outfit with this funky looking Flashing Fedora Hat! Complete with flashing LED's this classic black hat adds style and fun to your night and makes a fabulous prop or accessory.
Flashing Fedora Hat
As low as £3.18 each

Magic monster fun! Flashing Monster Eyes head boppers are lit by blue and red LEDs for out of this world effects!
Flashing Monster Eyes
As low as £1.19 each
Hilarious disguise faces with bright and colourful designs and LED’s in the nose, red and blue LED’s light up the nose and flash as you hide behind these questionable disguises!
Light Up Faces
As low as £0.90 each
Part of our new 'Inflatables' range - this is a blow up sword with bright LED's and various flash settings.
Flashing Inflatable Sword
Free Inflatable Pump With Every 36 Swords
Flashing Inflatable Sword
As low as £1.00 each

An enchanting pink Flashing Fairy Wand that's lit by red, blue and green colourful LED's. Colourful light shines through the wand in three cool modes for magical effects!
Flashing Fairy Wand
As low as £2.46 each
Crazy, colourful funky light up hair! The crazy hair noodle head band has two bunches of fabulous dreadlocks interwoven with LEDs so that they light up for a funky laid back look.
Flashing Crazy Hair
As low as £2.34 each
Bright light up pirate sword with colourful led lights in the blade and handle.
Pirate Cutlass Sword
As low as £2.18 each

Light up your teeth in true disco style with this flashing mouth piece
Flashing Mouth
As low as £0.78 each
The Flashing Pirate Baton features funky flashing and fading LED lights with a chilling skull and cross-bones head
Flashing Pirate Baton
As low as £2.39 each
Flashing Star Necklaces - A fantastic necklace that flashes 3 colours, is soft to the touch & has a really funky shape. Very popular...
Flashing Crystal Star
As low as £0.66 each

The Light Up Butterfly Wand features bright and colourful LED lights in a glowing butterfly shape on a light up handle!
Flashing Butterfly Wand
As low as £1.50 each
Brightly coloured flashing jelly rings are gloriously soft and squidgy, flashing in a rainbow of colours
Flashing Jelly Ring
As low as £0.54 each
Play the fool with this crazy light up jesters hat. Watch the baubles glow red and the bells jingle as you show off your crazy hat!
Flashing Jester Hat
As low as £3.23 each

SUPER FIBRE OPTIC TORCH This model is multifunctional, multicoloured & changes colour. Choose from many different settings. Shaped handle in mixture of colours. Batteries loaded & ready to go! (no messing with batteries)
Fibre Optic Torch
As low as £1.36 each
Light up Skipping Ropes are stuffed with LED lights that light up the whole length of the rope
Light up Skipping Rope
As low as £5.39 each
Perfect for encouraging a party atmosphere, these huge Rainbow InflataBalls light up from within with colourful flashing and colour change effects!
As low as £3.59 each

These handy white LED flip shades provide bright white illumination exactly where you're looking while keeping your hands free!
White LED Flip Shades
As low as £2.10 each
Heli Head Lights create a spinning glowing halo of light over your head, fun for kids and grown ups alike...
Heli Head Lights
As low as £1.79 each
Blow huge bubbles from this fabulous wand, and light up the fluid in brilliant colour for fantastic effects! Two great toys in one that kid's will love!
Flashing Bubble Wand
As low as £1.66 each

Evening all! These fantastic Flashing Police Helmets make sure that you’ll be seen coming as they feature a blue flashing light on the top!
Flashing Police Helmet
As low as £3.30 each
Wow! Look at any light source in these funky FX Spex and see the world in a fabulous rainbow of colour!
FX Spex Rainbow Glasses Standard
As low as £0.23 each
Fluffy flashing Bunny Ears that light up in 3 bright flashing colours. Plush feather finish. Multicolour flash. Batteries loaded & ready to go! (no messing with batteries)
Flashing Bunny Ears
As low as £1.82 each

space bug head boppers - out of this world space 'bug' antennae like alien feelers or bug eyes light up and chase - super bright led head boppers.
Space Bug Head Boppers
As low as £2.06 each
Add some sparkle to your party with a flashing coke glass with various colour changing settings to light up your drinks.
Flashing Coke Glass
As low as £2.27 each
Lace up and let your feet do the talking with these fabulous Light Up Shoe Laces! Great fun for parties, performance or for visibility these brilliant laces light up your feet in spectacular style!
Flashing Shoe Laces
As low as £3.35 each

Yeehaww! The cowboy/cowgirl hat just got our 'Inflateable' treatment. Really bright, multicolour LED's
Flashing Inflatable Cowboy Hat
Free Inflatable Pump With Every 48 Hats
Flashing Inflatable Cowboy Hat
As low as £1.79 each
FLASHING WHISTLES Bright flashing whistle with 3 flashing LED's - red, blue & yellow. Mixed colours. Supplied on a saftey multicoloured lanyard. Batteries loaded & ready to go! (no messing with batteries)
Flashing Whistle
As low as £1.07 each
Flashing multicolour finger tips in red, green and blue as the LEDs in the tips of these light up gloves go through 6 fabulous flash settings!
Flashing Gloves
As low as £4.55 each

A bright and colourful accessory, LED Tube Bracelets look fantastic as the lights flash around your wrist. Bright, colourful and fun!
LED Tube Bracelets
As low as £0.95 each
Funky hand gesture pens only light when you write, why not! its fun!
Handy Light Up Pens
As low as £0.78 each
It may be dark but as the Blues Brothers would agree, its pretty cool to wear shades. Studded with lots of bright LED's these Light Up Flashing Shades will certainly light up the night...
Light Up Flashing Shades
As low as £2.10 each

A black, pre-tied Pirate Bandana featuring the jolly roger skull and cross bones. Perfect for fancy dress!
Pirate Bandana
As low as £0.71 each
A Light up Tiara to perch on top of any head with multicolour LED's and chrome silver effect. Take me to the ball!
Flashing Tiaras
As low as £1.74 each
It may be dark, but if you want to get noticed, then you'd better wear shades! As anyone in the limelight will tell's cool to wear shades, especially when they're glowing brightly! The ultimate party accessory!
Glow in the Dark Shutter Shades
As low as £1.02 each

A rainbow baton with a difference! The Pulse Baton offers 6 great settings with a few effects you won't have seen before.
Flashing Pulse Baton
As low as £2.46 each
FLASHING WAND or BATON Bright multifunctional & multicoloured flashing wand or baton.
Flashing Baton Or Wand
As low as £1.31 each
Grab lights right out of the air with Light Trix! Play catch with fairly lights and create your own magical light show...
Light Trix Thumbs
As low as £1.79 each

Super bright LED's light up the flashing Pirate Hook for colourful, fun effects. The perfect compliment to your pirate fancy dress outfit!
Pirate Hook
As low as £1.14 each
Light up Viking Helmets - a gold helmet with colourful red and blue flashing up horns.
Flashing Viking Helmet
As low as £2.75 each
FLASHING HEADBOPPERS Top quality STAR headboppers. Bright LED's make the stars flash. Supplied in mixed red with blue or red with pink models. Batteries loaded & ready to go! (no messing with batteries)
Furry Star Head Boppers
As low as £1.98 each

Glowing whistles are made from glow in the dark plastic & will glow in the dark after exposure to light & under UV light Comes with cord necklace..
Glow In The Dark Whistles
As low as £0.29 each
These flashing rings are very bright. Made of soft ,pliable, rubber these flashing rings fit most people and are easy & comfortable to wear
Light Up Rings
As low as £0.54 each
Out of this world Space Swords with three colour light up blade and colour morphing glowing ball in the handle..
Flashing Space Sword
As low as £2.46 each

Flashing space gun, futuristic light up space ray-gun with bright blue beam / light and spinning multi-colour led lights, bright handle lights make this space gun the ultimate flashing boys toy.
Flashing Space Gun
As low as £2.46 each
Flashing devil horns, an old favourite & popular product. Horns light up & flash with bright LED's. Batteries loaded - no messing with batteries! Happy Halloween !
Flashing Devil Horns
As low as £1.38 each
Get into the swing of your party and light up your outfit with the Flashing Party Necklace. Excellent for parties, celebrations, fancy dress and fun festivities.
Flashing Party Necklace Flashing Party Necklace
As low as £1.43 each

Guide your way and illuminate the darkness with magic! Is it lit by fireflies, fairies or magical spells? The beauty of the Mystical Lantern is that it's up to you!
Mystical Lantern
As low as £2.39 each
Make your party or event extra special with fabulous bubbles! The Flashing Bubble Gun releases a stream of bubbles and lights up in colour every time you pull the trigger!
Flashing Bubble Gun
As low as £3.32 each
Create amazing rainbow patterns in the air with this Light Up Rainbow Hoop!
Light Up and Flashing Hoop
As low as £8.10 each

The infinity tunnel pendant creates a colourful illusion of a tunnel of lights stretching off into the distance.
Infinity Star Tunnel Pendant
As low as £1.43 each
A fantastically fun festive dress up set, this Flashing Reindeer Set is perfect for Christmas parties with its distinctive red flashing nose and antler headband.
Flashing Reindeer Set
As low as £1.80 each
Embrace the Christmas spirit and party in style in this super cute Flashing Springy Santa Hat! This springy hat lights up and dances when you do for brilliant festive fun!
Flashing Springy Santa Hat
As low as £1.91 each

Light Up Santa Hats are perfect for your christmas party! Accessorise your festivities with these plushy soft light up santa hats - each featuring flashing stars!
Light Up Santa Hats
As low as £1.14 each
This flashing skull laser sword is perfect for swashing some buckles with pirates or even just dressing up on Halloween!
Skull Sword
As low as £2.22 each
Lit by colourful LED's and with a spinning disco ball effect, this Flashing Space Gun is sleek, futuristic and perfect for would be space rangers!
Flashing Space Guns Large
As low as £2.34 each

The light up double windmill rainbow spinner creates two stunning spinning wheels of light with brilliant colour changing patterns. Truly dazzling!
Double Rainbow Spinner
As low as £2.82 each
Flashing & colour changing LED rainbow wand is ideal as an electronic glow stick alternative. Six flashing modes and necklace cord, make this a highly versatile little LED light stick. * Electronic glow stick * 6 multicolour modes * 18cm long * Comes withsafety lanyard
Flashing Rainbow Wand Flashing Rainbow Wand
As low as £1.07 each
It's a party in a prism ball! Get your party going with the light filled Flashing Prism Ball Necklace.
Flashing Prism Ball Necklace Flashing Prism Ball Necklace
As low as £1.50 each

A big inflateable pointy hand that lights up! What can we say!? A great new product in our 'Inflatables' range.
Flashing Inflatable Hand Flashing Inflatable Hand
Free Inflatable Pump With Every 36 Hands
Flashing Inflatable Hand
As low as £1.55 each
A funky fibre optic Mohawk or mohican that lights up in red, green and blue. Hair raising effects! A brilliant product for punk rockers of all ages!
Flashing Punk Hair Flashing Punk Hair
As low as £2.51 each
Let your wrists do the talking in these incredible sound reactive LED Bracelets. The ultimate beat activated accessory for clubs, parties and concerts, shine all night long in Beat Bands.
Beat Bands Beat Bands
As low as £2.15 each

Classic magnetic flashing LED's . Round & small. Wear them on your clothes. Batteries loaded & ready to go! (no messing with batteries)
Magnetic Body Lights Magnetic Body Lights
As low as £0.32 each
Tambourines that light up fade and flash in a whole kaleidoscope of colours. Super light up tambourines.
Flashing Tambourine Flashing Tambourine
As low as £2.10 each
Light up hair braids - Clip on hair braid with 5 bright multicolour LEDs. 37 cm long. Batteries loaded
Fibre-optic Hair Fibre-optic Hair
As low as £0.86 each

LIGHT SABRE SWORD HUGE expanding light sabre Extends to 32" Multifunctional & multicolour Flashing or constant LED's For any budding Jedi's Batteries loaded & ready to go! - no messing with batteries!
Light Sabre Sword Light Sabre Sword
As low as £2.15 each
Project funky disco effects from either side of this funky Double Disco Stick that bounce from surfaces with awesome results! Bright and colourful hand held fun!
Double Disco Stick Double Disco Stick
As low as £1.74 each
A funky flashing jolly roger pendant that lights up with colourful LED's for super duper piratey fun!
Flashing Skull & Crossbone Pirate Necklace Flashing Skull & Crossbone Pirate Necklace
As low as £1.50 each

The dazzling Disco Ball projects stunning flashing disco lighting effects at the push of a button! Three flashing modes with necklace - its a real mobile disco!
Disco Balls Disco Balls
As low as £1.38 each
Flashing Fluffy wands with feathery fluffy embellishments and flashing led lights inside...
Fluffy Pink Wand Fluffy Pink Wand
As low as £1.55 each
A fabulous colourful light sword, the Flashing Rainbow Sword phases through three stunning effects and has a glittering outer for a real sci-fi feel!
Flashing Rainbow Sword Flashing Rainbow Sword
As low as £1.62 each

All aspiring pirates and all round bad guys need to have an eye patch to add to their sinister look! The Flashing Pirate Eye Patch lights up in seven funky effects!
Pirate Eye-patch Pirate Eye-patch
As low as £0.88 each
This flashing necklace simply clips together - like a personal rope light with four cool effects.
Flashing Rope Necklace Flashing Rope Necklace
As low as £1.26 each
Light Up Fairy Wings are illuminated by white fibre optics throught the wings. Comfortable elastic straps - recommended to all budding Tinkerbells...
Flashing Fairy Wings Flashing Fairy Wings
As low as £3.11 each

Incredibly bright and colourful this Double Laser Sword is just the right size for small hands and perfect for mini star warriors!
Double Laser Sword Double Laser Sword
As low as £2.03 each
The Mini Spinner Necklace A Flashing Spinning Ball Torch on a neck cord Very popular Batteries Loaded
Mini Spinner Mini Spinner
As low as £1.79 each
Furry pink cowboy hats to wear at a hens night out, accessorise your night out with your friends with these fantastic hats which flash with blue and red lights in the shape of a heart.
Flashing Pink Cowboy Hat Flashing Pink Cowboy Hat
As low as £3.26 each

Pink and fluffy, these Flashing Butterfly Headboppers flash along the headband for a cute and magical look!
Flashing Butterfly Headboppers Flashing Butterfly Headboppers
As low as £1.43 each
Super sized and super bright, this colourful Large Flashing Star Wand makes a huge impact!
Large Flashing Star Wand Large Flashing Star Wand
As low as £2.39 each
Stunning Double Light Sabre Sword complete with extending light-up effects and motion activated sound effects. Perfect for doing battle with interstellar bad-guys.
Double Sabre Sword Double Sabre Sword
As low as £3.42 each

Very large and very bright multi colour flashing laser sword with light up handle.
Multi Laser Sword Multi Laser Sword
As low as £1.74 each
Light up your look with colourful light from these incredibly funky disco shades! The Flashing Shutter Shades make a fabulous accessory and are great for fun nights out and parties!
Flashing Shutter Shades Flashing Shutter Shades
As low as £1.62 each
Fabulous new sci-fi effects! The Light Up Laser Sword with Ball has a new stylised handle and a crystal ball on the bottom that casts out a vibrant blue glow!
Light Up Laser Sword with Ball Light Up Laser Sword with Ball
As low as £1.43 each

Very good and easy to use

Brian C
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