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 Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Blends 1
Essential Oil Blends 2 Breathe Easy
Essential Oil Blends 3 Relaxing
Essential Oil Blends 4 Sensual
Essential Oil Blends 5 Energise
Essential Oil Blends 6 Happiness
Essential Oil Blends 7 Sleep Easy
Essential Oil Blends 8 Less Stress

Essential Oil Blends

£2.50 £2.08 Ex. VAT

£2.50 £2.08 Ex. VAT

£2.50 £2.08 Ex. VAT

£3.95 £3.29 Ex. VAT

£3.29 £2.74 Ex. VAT


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Fill your space with fragrance that appeals to the senses and enhances your state of mind with these essential oil blends. Read more...

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Essential Oil Blends Description

Enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy with these pure essential oil blends that have been expertly mixed to appeal to different states of mind. Choose from Happiness; a mix of bergamot, ylang ylang and grapefruit, Sensual; a blend of patchouli, juniper berry and ylang ylang, Relaxing; a blend of mandarin and lavender, Breathe Easy; a mix of eucalyptus, ravensara and peppermint, Sleep Easy; a blend of Roman chamomile, clary sage, and bergamot essential oils that can help you relax before you go to bed, get a good night sleep and even reduce or stop snoring, Less Stress; a blend of clary sage, lemon and lavender which helps relax the mind and body and provide a sense of well-being, and Energise; a blend of peppermint, frankincense and lemon. Each blend comes in a 10ml bottle, simply add a few drops to water in your oil burner and these sensual fragrances will fill your home with delicate scents to enhance your mood.

  • Essential oil blends
  • 10ml bottles
  • Relaxing; mandarin and lavender
  • Happiness; bergamot, ylang ylang and grapefruit
  • Sensual; patchouli, juniper berry and ylang ylang
  • Breathe Easy; eucalyptus, ravensara and peppermint
  • Sleep Easy; chamomile, clary sage and bergamot
  • Less Stress; clary sage, lemon and lavender
  • Energise; peppermint, frankincense and lemon
  • Add a few drops to water in your oil burner for delicate fragrance in your space

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