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Glow for the Home

LED Candles

LED Candles offer all the warmth and ambiance that you get with real Candles but are 100% Safe

These rustic LED glass candle bottles aren't just for Christmas but they do have a definite festive feel!
LED Glass Candle Bottle (Single)
The unique dancing flame on these LED wax candles perfectly mimics the movement of real flames for a hypnotic candlelight effect, and unlike real flames, Dancing Flame Candles can even be set to a timer.
Dancing Flame Candles Ivory
Seamlessly marrying beauty and safety, the Radiance flameless candles candles are the most realistic we have ever seen.
Radiance Realistic Flame Candles

Smell it, sense it and enjoy a whole rainbow of colour from this revolutionary smart candle that you can control from your phone and blow out like a real candle!
MIPOW Playbulb Bluetooth Candle
A battery operated LED candle with realistic dancing flame, made from real wax and with colour change LED's in the base.
Colour Change Dancing Candle
Enjoy the soothing effects of flickering candlelight without the risks with a whole range of LED Glow Dancer Candles.
Glow Dancer Candles

Dancing Flame Candles offer the same comforting candle lit glow as real flame, without the risk. This red wax version is a stunning alternative to ivory.
Dancing Flame Candles Red
Turn any glass into a light with this USB rechargeable floating cork light.
USB Rechargeable Floating Light
Warm, traditional Christmas tree lighting for a more classic feel, Flickering Candle Tree Lights can be clipped into your Christmas Tree.
Flickering Candle Tree Lights

Remote controlled colour changing candles set of 3 with multi-action modes.
Remote LED Colour Change Candles Set of 3
Enjoy the cosy glow of candlelight without the fire risk and messy melted wax.
Roxan LED Candles with Flickering Light (3 Pack)
Use these LED dining candles with your favourite candlesticks, for all of the glamour and glow, and none of the candle wax mess.
9" LED Dinner Candles (2 Pack)

A 6cm tall battery operated flickering amber LED candle with timer function, fantastic for security, or simply to enjoy!
Flickering Amber LED Timer Candles 6cm
As low as £1.99 each
Antique metal look battery operated lanterns with flickering amber led candle, available in bronze look with diamond panels or blackened silver with square panels.
Antique Metal Look Flickering Flame Candle Lantern
Philips Rechargeable LED Tealights offer the soft effect of relaxing candlelight, with the added convenience of rechargeable lighting. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of open flame and hot wax.
Philips Rechargeable LED Tealights (2 Pack)

An elegant antique styled lantern that can be used in your garden highlighting patio's, decking and borders with a flickering candlelight effect.
White Flickering Flame Candle Lantern
Enjoy the charm of candle light without the danger of real flames when you use LED Tea Light Candles. Flickering LED's give a real flame effect that's perfect for use indoors or outdoors.
LED Amber Tealights (5 Pack)
A great way to add great candle lighting around your home or garden, these Smart Candle Part Lights will flicker like real flame candles...
Smart Candle Party Lights (3 Pack)

Add a little colour to your summer evenings. This clever citronella candle will scent the air with refreshing citrus tones whilst glowing through a rainbow of colours.
Colour Change Citronella Candle
Use flame free candles to create traditional candle lit displays without the risk of real flame. Perfect for church services, festivities and centrepieces.
Flame Free Candles (6 Pack)
Achieved chilled out vibes and a relaxing atmosphere with a beautifully boho Moroccan themed timer lantern.
Timer LED Moroccan Lantern

A stylish range of traditional styled LED Lanterns featuring remote controlled amber LED candles for warm, traditional styled candlelight that's ideal for use indoors or in the sheltered outdoors.
Remote Controlled LED Lanterns
Enjoy the rustic charm of traditional metal lanterns without the risks of real flames with a dancing flame candle lantern.
Dancing Flame Candle Lantern
Create stunning displays with submersible waterproof LED's - perfect for adding an elegant glow to your floristry and centrepieces.
Sub Lites

Enjoy flickering candlelight and soft colour phasing light with the Pink Cookie Colour Change Candle. Decorated rock n roll style, show your softer side with atmospheric mood lighting.
Pink Cookie Colour Change Candle
Instantly transform empty bottles into stylish lamps with the Rechargeable USB Bottle Light. Perfect for the dining table or those impromptu alfresco dinners.
Rechargeable USB Bottle Light
Wax candles which use LED's to illuminate and flicker, these Smart Candles are a great mood lighting and give the same effect as normal candles and none of the dangers....
2.5 Inch Melted Look Smart Candles

Candles that can be put near curtains, walls etc and not pose a danger, these LED Smart Candles are available as either 5.5" or 10" and will light up and flicker like a real candle...
LED Taper Smart Candles
A traditional candlestick and holder for decorative candlelight without the risk of flames.
Dancing Flame Melted Candle with Metal Holder
Add warmth to your home with an atmospheric glow from real wax candles lit with flickering LEDs.
Flickering Flame Candles (3 Pack)

Enjoy the beauty of real candles without the mess or real flame.
Wax Votive LED Candles (6 Pack) Wax Votive LED Candles (6 Pack)
Made from real wax with a dripped effect, this pack of six skinny flickering LED candles recreates a real candle display without any of the dangers.
Skinny Wax Drip LED Candles (6 Pack) Skinny Wax Drip LED Candles (6 Pack)
A set of three LED candles in various sizes made from real wax with realistic wicks and a pleasant vanilla fragrance.
Drippy Wax LED Candles (3 Pack) Drippy Wax LED Candles (3 Pack)

This automatic candle is a flickering LED candle that comes on and turns off automatically with a stunning 2,500 hour battery life
Night Time Sensor Flickering Led Candle Night Time Sensor Flickering Led Candle
A 24 pack of 5cm real wax candles with a flickering LED flame.
5cm LED Wax Candle (24 pack) 5cm LED Wax Candle (24 pack)
Philips CandleLights offer the perfect combination; the soft glow of candlelight, with the convenience of rechargeable LED's, all from a name you know and trust.
Philips Candlelights (3 Pack) Philips Candlelights (3 Pack)

A 10cm battery operated flickering amber led candle with timer function; perfect for relaxing, dining or even for security!
Flickering Amber LED Timer Candles 10cm Flickering Amber LED Timer Candles 10cm
As low as £3.00 each

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