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Peter Pan Blue Ship Lamp Shade Peter Pan Blue Ship Lamp Shade

5 out of 5 stars

Ships in the night
Reviewed 20 November 2012 by Gem

I got this for my sons' pirate-themed room (I just left the Peter Pan flag off), and they decided it's a ghost ship. They both love it, as do all the adults who see it! I must admit I'm jealous too.

Meteor Ball Led Light Up Ball Meteor Ball Led Light Up Ball

5 out of 5 stars

Briliant for dogs - Even ones who destroy tennis balls.
Reviewed 20 November 2012 by Paula

We bought one of these for our dogs as they enjoy the glow ball but that's really solid and hard on their mouths, the different colours of this disco one make it easier to see and it can even be thrown in a normal ball thrower!

Although it says not recommended for dogs that chew, our smaller boxer totally destroys tennis balls etc even without chewing as she has such sharp teeth and a strong jaw. She didn't manage to even mark this ball.

I've bought other light-up balls before, the best of which is the glow ball also available on this site but this is definitely better. The others are either too easy for the dogs to turn off by accident, or don't stay lit long enough after throwing (essential when walking in meadowland!)

They definitely preferred this one to the glow ball. Unfortunately despite the bright colour of both, they still managed to lose them when they dropped them in deep leaves in the woods whilst tracking a fox.....

So I'll have to buy more of both...

PetLit LED Jewel Light PetLit LED Jewel Light

5 out of 5 stars

5 stars now I know I can change the battery
Reviewed 20 November 2012 by Paula

Thanks for the great customer support - wasn't expecting that from the retailer, thought I would have to contact the manufacturer.
I have tried to unscrew the back to get to the battery but failed but I probably wasn't trying too hard as it wasn't clear that that's how it worked! I'll have another go when I get home and buy more batteries from you when I also buy replacement glow balls (we lost ours) on payday.


This light is small and lightweight. Suitable for all dog sizes as well as cats (though as the previous reviewer said it would be good to have another way of turning it on for a cat...a daylight sensor would be good1).

For dog walks in the dark, this is perfect though. It's a really bright white light which can be seen through grass, woods etc. My dogs wear flashing collars which are only really visible around the back of their necks so I've always used 'blinkers' at the front (as when I call them they tend to look straight at me so the collar isn't visible). The blinkers have a habit of dying half way around the walk which is fairly useless. These petlits stay bright all the way home.

May buy a couple of spares :)

Mystical Fire Mystical Fire

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed 20 November 2012 by Kevin

I bought 3 packets of mystical fire. Initially I chucked just one pack on my bonfire and was a little disappointed my it's meagre affect. Not expecting much I chucked my other 2 packs on together and was pleasantly surprised by the burst of vibrant blues and greens leaping into the night's sky. The colourful display was short lived but impressive none the less. As it's a cheap product I'll buy some more just to experiment with.

Spotlit - A Light Up Collar Tag For Dogs Spotlit - A Light Up Collar Tag For Dogs

3 out of 5 stars

Wish it was white...
Reviewed 20 November 2012 by Paula

Would prefer to buy these instead of the petlit if the light was white instead of red. White's much easier to see in the meadow and woods! these are quite heavy too but fine for my boxers

Though at least these you can change the batteries on unlike the petlit!

The Glow Company Says: Hi Paula,
This product is actually the same as the droplit LED keyring which is available in white. The droplit just doesn't have a cute doggie picture on the packaging.

PetLit LED Jewel Light PetLit LED Jewel Light

3 out of 5 stars

Great until the battery dies!
Reviewed 20 November 2012 by Paula

I bought two of these for my dogs last month as I find I'm walking them in the dark two hours a day and this supplements the flashing collars that you can only see from the back of the neck

They were great, much better than the flashing blinkers I've previously been buying which stop flashing after 30 minutes as the batteries aren't powerful enough.

However, one of these new lights, after barely a month, is very faint and I can't find any way at all to change the battery. It appears to be a moulded unit which makes these too expensive an option for me to buy again

The Glow Company Says: Hi Paula,
Changing the battery on the Petlit is possible; just a bit fiddly.
Here's a PDF instruction sheet on how to do it.
We also stock replacement batteries here.

5 out of 5 stars

Simply Stunning
Reviewed 19 November 2012 by Fiona M

I know its a bit early but...I've trimmed my fireplace with this and arranged some artificial poinsettas and bits of real holly and it just looks so pretty. Such a lovely warm light I think I'll use it all year around, minus the poinsettas and holly.

Tetris Light 2 Tetris Light 2

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed 14 November 2012 by Kev

This is a totally unique and fun product. I've ended up buying a few more so I can have a Tetris wall.

Procession Torch / Garden Candles (3 pack) Procession Torch / Garden Candles (3 pack)

5 out of 5 stars

Great effect!
Reviewed 13 November 2012 by Sandra Malby

I bought the pack of 9 for bonfire night. They burnt longer than I expected & the garden looked fantastic!! Would definately buy these again.

Eco Moonlight Nightlight Plug In Eco Moonlight Nightlight Plug In

5 out of 5 stars

Moonlight nightlight
Reviewed 13 November 2012 by Josie Smith

We have had one of these plugged in and switched on on our landing at home for approximately 4 - 5 years, every single night. Only now is it beginning to fade and not show as much light. My husband is unable to walk very well and when he gets up in the night this light is a Godsend.
I'm now about to order a new light and hope it lasts as long as the first one has done. It's a wonderfully simple device which answers the problem of providing enough light to see where to walk in the middle of the night. Thank you.

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Very easy to use. Thank you from one who is not always so lucky when using the computer.

Jenny W
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