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Glow Sticks & Novelties

Glow Sticks

Buy cheap glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets and other glowing novelties that are great for parties and glow for over eight hours!

Buy a wide selection of Glow Bracelets in mixed or single colours. These glow in the dark bracelets are supplied in tubes of 100 and each glowing bracelet will glow for a minimum of eight hours.
Glow Bracelets Glow Bracelets
As low as £0.05 each
Glow necklaces are a very popular glowing product. Buy tri colour glow in the dark necklaces, a mixed colour glowing necklace or single colour glow necklaces online. These top quality yet cheap Neon Necklaces are supplied in tubes of 50 and are The Glow Company brand UK.
Glow Necklaces Glow Necklaces
As low as £0.24 each
6" Glow sticks were the original glo sticks and are still the most popular. They are tapered in style with a handy hook and eye for hanging. They also come with a free lanyard or string so you can tie/hang them where you like.
Glow Sticks 6" Glow Sticks 6"
As low as £0.35 each

HUGE Lightsticks ! These glo sticks are 10" & really GLOW Each high quality glowstick comes in its own tube & are supplied in a mixture of colours...
Concert Glow Sticks
As low as £0.90 each
Glow Glasses or glow in the dark glasses are lots of fun. These neon glasses will glow for hours
Glow Glasses
As low as £0.54 each
Glow earrings are a great party product. Supplied in orange, green or blue. Simply activate the glow earring, clip on & get your ears glowing!
Glow Earrings
As low as £0.46 each

Glowing Cups - great for a few drinks in the garden or for a full powered glow party! The glow moves inside the glass as you drink!
Glow Cups
As low as £1.10 each
Glow shot glasses are great for parties. Like glowsticks these glow shot glasses glow brightly for 8+ hours. Watch the glow swirl around the cup as you drink
Glow Shot Glasses
As low as £1.00 each
Love your look! Glow Heart Eyeglasses give you the look of love with colourful glowing heart frames!
Glow Heart Eyeglasses
As low as £0.70 each

Glow Martini glass. A substantial & good quality martini shaped glow in the dark cup - the glow moves freely throughout the cup. Great for drinks & desserts.
Glow Martini Cup
As low as £1.40 each
These cool Glow Straws will certainly make your drink glow. The glow stick inside the straw goes up and down as you suck on the straw, a great fun product.
Glow Straws Cocktail Stirrers
As low as £0.33 each
The ultimate glow accessory for a fun party look, glow hoop earrings come in packs of pink, green, yellow and blue!
Glow Hoop Earrings
As low as £0.46 each

Perfect for parties, camping and any other time you'll need to find your cutlery in the dark, these plastic knives, forks and spoons have been cleverly combined with our glowstick technology to provide over six glowing hours of light...
Glow Cutlery
Safety Lightsticks NSN spec & registration, guaranteed 12 hour glow. Individually wrapped with a useful hook & lanyard.
Safety Lightsticks
As low as £0.83 each
These little glowsticks can be used as fishing glow sticks or for decoration where a hint of glow is needed. These mini glow sticks are cheap on price not cheap glo sticks
Glow Sticks 1.5"
As low as £0.18 each

High intensity lightsticks are 3 times as bright yet only last for either 30 or 5 minutes. Suitable for industry, safety, super glowstick Poi etc
High Intensity Glow sticks
As low as £0.59 each
Glow sticks 4" are just as bright and colourful as the 6" glowstick - just a bit smaller! Glo sticks are individually wrapped and lanyard. Good quality cheap on price not cheap glowsticks...
Glow Sticks 4"
As low as £0.47 each
Wow! Look at any light source in these funky FX Spex and see the world in a fabulous rainbow of colour!
FX Spex Rainbow Glasses Standard
As low as £0.23 each

Have fun with these Glow Bunny Ears. Glow in the dark Bunny Ears are a headband with glow sticks attached and are individually wrapped.
Glow Bunny Ears
As low as £0.54 each
Glow badges are great for name tags, games or just your own designs. Glow in the dark badge kit with 25 neon badges.
Glow Badges Kit Glow Badges Kit
Free Sharpie marker with every pack of Glow Badges
Glow Badges Kit
As low as £0.50 each

just love the stuff you do, keep it up.. regards ray

Raymond P
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