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Romantic Glow

Glow Kids

Glow Stars & Shapes

Turn your ceiling into a universe of magical stars, or see your favourite characters glow for magic & reassurance at night.

Glow in the dark stars x 1,000 -yes 1,000 including rockets, flying saucers and crescent moons. Incredible value fun glow star stickers that glow in the dark...
1000 Glow In The Dark Stars
Buy 2 for £8.95
1000 Glow In The Dark Stars
Cast enchanting moonlight into your room with a Clair de Lune glow moonlight wall sticker. The world's largest moonlight wall-sticker casts a spectacular glow in the dark real image of the moon for amazing wall art.
Large/XL Glow Moon Light Wall Stickers
Recreate the wonders of the universe in your very own room with a Glowing Star Explosion pack complete with 735 glowing stars!
Glowing Star Explosion

Admire the Moon and Jupiter from the comfort of your room with striking glow in the dark posters.
Glow in the Dark Posters
Decorate your childs room with an entire universe of glowing stars, planets, meteorites, shooting stars and so much more!
Glow Superstars
The sun and the planets of our solar system shine brightly at night in your room with Glow Solar System stickers.
Glow Solar System Adhesives

Glowing red rocks that are ideal for imaginative play, Glow Mars Stones create alien worlds in your child's room!
Glow Mars Stones
Add extra girly glitter and shine to your little ones room with a night sky of pink glow glitter stars.
Pink Glow Stars
Recreate our solar system, suspend it from your ceiling and then let it glow!
Glowing 3D Planets in a Tube

A pack of 40 coloured glow in the dark stars with glitter for a twinkling effect.
Colourful Twinkling Glow Stars
Turn your bedroom ceiling or walls into a universe of glowing stars and spacecraft with these fantastic Glow Spacecraft Stickers. Packed full of around 120 stickers, your room will come to life at night!
Glow Spacecraft Stickers
Make your bedroom ceiling come alive with a glowing universe of colourful stars!
Colourful Glow Stars Superkit

Measuring an impressive 63cm tall, this striking stag wall decal glows in the dark too!
Giant Glow Deer Trophy Sticker
Add the red planet to your glow in the dark stars displays and create alien worlds that glow when the lights go out!
3D Glow in the Dark Mars
Hang glow in the dark 3D stars from your ceiling or fix on your wall and create a starry, starry night in your room.
Glowing 3D Stars in a Tube

Create unearthly glowing worlds and let your imagination run wild with glow in the dark Moon Stones!
Glow Moon Stones
A glow in the dark T-Rex mural that you can expose to light and recharged again and again, a fearsome dinosaur to place on the walls of a childs bedroom and playroom.
Glow 3D T-Rex Sticker
Transform your room into a galaxy of glow in the dark stars and create patterns that shine night after night.
Glow Wonder Stars Super Kit

An extra large crescent moon wall decal with an impressive green glow, brighten up your room with a beautiful crescent moon!
Giant Crescent Moon Glow Sticker
Glow in the dark stars. Glow in the dark plastic star shapes that are self adhesive. They will glow for up to 1hour every night after being exposed to natural or home lighting...
Glow In The Dark Stars (20 Pieces)
Give funky character to inanimate objects with these cool Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes. Keep the emergency tin with you for all eventualities!
Glow in the Dark Googly Eye Tin

Fall asleep under a sky full of stars with a pack of 32 assorted glow in the dark stars and a cosmic themed night light.
Stick 'n' Glow Stars & Nightlight
Over 120 self adhesive Glow in the Dark stickers featuring favourite Fairy Tale Shapes.
Fairy Tale Glow Stickers
We’d love to stay and chat but we really moustache! In the meantime check out these cool neon taches, a colourful way to get in on the crazy moustache trend sweeping the nation.
Glow Party Moustache

Decorate the bedroom walls and ceiling with these adhesive glow in the dark dinosaurs, a fantastic way to make a room feel prehistoric!
Cosmic Glow Dinosaurs
A great piece of Wall Art that Glows in the Dark
Glow in the Dark Star Map
Cosmic glow in the dark shapes to stick onto your bedroom walls, ceiling or even on your bed, give your childs bedroom a funky outer space glow!
Cosmic Glow Galaxy

Created using real astrophotographic images of the moon, this glow in the dark moon sticker is ideal for decorating children's rooms and made from long glow vinyl, they glow longer than average glow stars.
Small Glow Moon Light Wall Stickers
Introduce the human skeleton to your child in fabulous glowing form! The Glow Human Skeleton Sticker stands at over a metre tall and glows brightly in the dark making a brilliant glowing wall decoration!
Glow Human Skeleton Sticker
Shine some light on the situation in a totally unique way with the luminous Lightbulb Sticker.
Light Bulb Sticker 30cm

Go rock n roll in your home with a very funky glow in the dark skull wall sticker for an alternative night light.
Giant Skull Glow Sticker
A pack of glow in the dark super glow moon stickers available in three colours, these glow moon stickers feature a real image of the full moon taken in Nantes, France in 2005. Shine moonlight into your room!
Medium Glow Moon Sticker Pack
Brighten up even the dullest of light switches with Monster Mood Glow Stickers. These kooky light switch stickers can be mixed and matched to create up to twenty four monster faces for a spooky glow!
Monster Mood Glow Stickers
Was £5.99 Now £4.79

The Glow Jellyfish has more uses than it has tentacles. Funk up your transport, give an added to glow to aquatic themed rooms or just spend your time stroking its tactile tentacles.
Glow Jellyfish Ornament
Decorate your bedroom with these Spooky Glow in the Dark Stickers, in daylight the stickers are hidden on white walls
Spooky Glow Stickers
Add extra spook factor to your Halloween decorations with a creepy glow in the dark skeleton that stands at 3ft tall!
3ft Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Create a spooky glowing grotto with a bunch of glow in the dark shapes and Halloween characters!
Halloween Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers (Single)
Have fun and get creative in the dark with the fantastic Novaglow Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall - Paint with light and make shadows - Watch the video!
Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall
Free UV Keyring Torch
Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall
Decorate your walls and ceiling with a glowing alphabet. Spell out names and words using alphabet letters that glow brightly in the dark.
Glow Alphabet Letters Glow Alphabet Letters

Add a little bit of crazy character to a whole variety of mundane objects with these glow in the dark Googly Eyes.
Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes

Very bright. Easy to use website.Great choice of interesting products!

Nicki W
10th of February 2016
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