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Glow Kids

Childrens Stringlights

Enchanting fairy lights that are a comfort at night, use string lights to add magic to your child's room.

Kooky retro disco mirror balls that can be hung around your home for instant Saturday Night Fever!
Mirror Ball Stringlights (HX143352)
While one little piggy went to market, and the other little piggy went to town, the rest of the little piggies stuck around to light up this charming stringlight
Little Piggies Stringlights
Decorate with a string of sweet Woodland Rabbit Party Lights. Perfect for adding charm to rooms or brightening special events!
Woodland Rabbit Party Lights

A stunning set of Glow Bug String lights handmade using Thai silk and beads. Beautifully decorative fairy lights with a warm and magical glow.
Thai Silk Bug Lights
Don't tell Little Bo-Peep, but we've found her sheep, and they're illuminating this pretty stringlight.
Little Bo-Peep Sheep Lights
Enjoy the Great British seaside in your home with these beautiful Beach Hut String Lights. Hand made just like the real thing, get nostalgic and embrace quirky British style!
Beach Hut String Lights

These adorable Mini Birdhouse Lights will delight people young and old alike. Hand the LED string lights anywhere in the home to create a pretty feature.
Mini Birdhouse Lights
With their pink floppy ears and big blue eyes, these Rabbit String Lights will be loved by little boys and little girls alike, casting a gentle glow around bedrooms or playrooms.
Rabbits Stringlights
Bright and decorative, these felt Butterfly String Lights will lift your room with vibrant colour and magical light!
10 LED Butterfly Lights (16540)

Brighten up kid's rooms and add a fantasy, fairytale feel with Toadstool String Lights. Soft fairy lights that are perfect as a decoration of night light.
Toadstool String Lights
With puppy-dog eyes and shiny black noses, these puppy dog string lights are hard to resist. The perfect decorations for a child’s bedroom or playroom, these string lights emit a soft warm glow.
Puppy Stringlights
Combine sunflowers and twinkling LED's to create pretty lighting in any corner of the home.
20 LED Sunflowers Warm White (16541)

Who said little yellow chicks are just for Easter and bath time? These Little Chicks Stringlights will look adorable all year round!
Little Chicks Party Lights
Decorate your children's room with their favourite Winnie the Pooh characters and let them choose which characters show with these adorable Winnie the Pooh Reversible String Lights. Each shade is reversible which means that your child can theme their lighting with their favourite characters or change them from day to day!
Winnie the Pooh Reversible String Lights
Decorate your child's room with their favourite characters from Disney/Pixar's Toy Story. Featuring Buzz, Woody, Rex and Bullseye, these cute Toy Story String Lights make a fabulous room decoration or a soft night light.
Toy Story 3 LED String Lights

Cute and cheerful soft touch Teddy Bear String Lights provide gentle light for a child’s room that can be used as a super cute night light or room decoration. Perfect for brightening up bedrooms, playrooms and because they’re battery operated, even play houses!
Battery Operated Teddy Bear Lights
Little fans of our feline friends will love these kitten string lights. Emitting a soft warm glow, these string lights are the perfect soothing light to help little dreamers drift off to sleep.
Kitten Stringlights
Was £24.95 Now £18.71
Bright and decorative, these pretty Rag Dolls String Lights are a friendly face for your child's room. Ideal for theming children's rooms, these cute rag dolls cast soft white warm and soothing light.
Rag Dolls Stringlights

These charming goldfish bowl string lights are a great addition to any sea life themed room. Casting a soft white glow around the room, these lights are a fun and comforting decorative feature.
Goldfish Stringlights
Use Car 2 String Lights to create a comforting atmosphere in your child’s room. The soft glow from these soothing lights is perfect for decorating kid’s rooms emitting just enough light for them to drift off to sleep.
Cars 2 String Lights
A charming room decoration worthy of any budding space explorer these Acrylic Spaceman Stringlights emit a soft colour change light for comfort and wonder at bedtime.
Acrylic Spaceman Stringlights

Soothe your child at night with the comfort of soft glowing light from the Spaceman Mobile. This gorgeous colour change mobile is just the thing for settling baby at bedtime, or as a night light for toddlers.
Spaceman LED Light Mobile Spaceman LED Light Mobile
Go girly with beautiful Dollies String Lights that combine incredible intricate detailing with white LED’s and decorative bells to create stunning kitsch fairy lights. Perfect for little girls and bohemian princesses.
Dollies String Lights Dollies String Lights
A colour morphing LED light mobile with a friendly moon and colourful clouds that look beautiful glowing in the dark.
Led Light Mobile Led Light Mobile

Celebrate British design in outstanding style with iconic London Bus String Lights. Famous retro London Buses illuminate for beautifully kitsch room lighting..
Battery Operated London Bus String Lights Battery Operated London Bus String Lights

Awesome, great prices xx

Kirsty G
27th of February 2015
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