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20 Colour Change Solar Party Lights

Solar powered colour-changing string lights are ideal for decorating your garden in a fun and attractive way. Read more...

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4.78 out of 5 stars
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Solar powered decorative string lights with colour-changing bulbs that are ideal for decorating shrubs, trellis, parasols and doorways. Powered by a separate solar panel, these colour change party lights can be placed in shady areas if required as long as the solar panel is placed with maximum exposure to light. This string of 'festoon' style lights will automatically illuminate when it becomes dark, giving up to 6hrs of colour morphing light during summer months. With no mains wiring, and no operating costs these colour change solar lights are simple to install and ready to enjoy!

  • Powered by a separate solar panel allowing lights to be placed in shady areas
  • String of 20 colour change party lights lit by energy-saving colour changing LEDs
  • LED’s supplied on 8m string with a further 2m cable from panel to first bulb, allowing great flexibility in positioning
  • Automatically illuminate during darkness
  • Battery capacity for 6 hours of light each night (summer months)
  • No mains wiring, simply install and enjoy
  • No operating costs
  • Bulb height 9cm, Bulb diameter 4.5 cm
  • Battery: 1 x rechargeable AA battery included

Note: Whilst there may be some initial charge in the battery we recommend fully charging it before first use. Leave the switch in the off position for two sunny days to ensure the battery is fully charged. Once fully charged switch to "ON" and your light will come on automatically at night.

Rechargeable batteries become less efficient with repeated charge-discharge cycles and the battery capacity reduces. If you find that the battery appears to be less efficient or does not run for long we first suggest you try to boost charge it. Leave in the off position for three to five sunny days to allow the maximum charge to the battery. If after this boost charge your battery still does not perform to expectations you should replace it.

Do not position under bright light as this will prevent the light switching on at night.

20 Colour Change Solar Party Lights Reviews
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5 out of 5 stars

20 bulbs string lights

Reviewed 13 July 2015 by debbie Evans

These are so lovely. May even buy another set.

5 out of 5 stars

20 colour changing lights

Reviewed 14 May 2015 by Joyce Kernohan

I had these for two years always on but recently they were lost in my clematis, I tried to extricate them and accidentally cut the string, my husband joined them again but they were not as efficient so I bought two more sets, they are lovely but when we opened the box they took a long time to untangle, however, in the end they are up and first class, I would recommend them to anyone wanting a class set of lights

5 out of 5 stars


Reviewed 2 April 2013 by Jane

We love our new solar lights. Despite the dreadful weather of late, the lights charged up really quickly and have livened up the back yard no end.

3 out of 5 stars

Nice colour changing but..

Reviewed 4 January 2013 by KG

A little bit disappointed as they seem to need a lot of good sunshine/bright daylight to charge & give the full effect after dark but when they get that they do look lovely.

The Glow Company Says: Solar powered gadgets will struggle to make enough energy at this time of year / during the winter months, but they should perform much better during the summer months.
5 out of 5 stars

great service and good product

Reviewed 18 August 2012 by Joyce Kernohan

Had a problem switching on and sent a review, this was seen by the glow company and they immediately contacted me by phone and asked me to send them back free of charge, did this and they came back next day working perfectly, just a battery problem, now they are a real treat to see and i look forward to seeing them up in my garden, Thanks to the team. Joyce

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