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UV Sensory Kit Large

A large and comprehensive collection of glow in the dark and UV reactive tactile toys for sensory play. Read more...

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A large bag full of fun and exciting tactile toys that are UV reactive too, this large sensory kit has all you need for successful sensory play for individuals and groups. Each large kit comes complete with a medium UV blacklight strip, a large UV torch and a small UV torch to allow you to shine on the toys for striking fluorescent effects that encourage visual tracking and an understanding of light and colour. All of the toys can be bundled together in the handy carry bag included for easy storage and transportation.

Large UV Kit contains:

  • 1 x Large bag,
  • 1 x Medium UV blacklight lamp,
  • 1 x Large UV torch,
  • 1 x Small UV torch,
  • 1 x Light up crystal ball,
  • 2 x Soft strip with rings,
  • 1 x slinky,
  • 6 x Dinosaurs,
  • 1 x Snake,
  • Variety of glow reptiles,
  • 1 x Wavy spaghetti,
  • 43pc set of glow moon and stars,
  • 2 x Microfibre cloths,
  • 1 x Green koosh ball,
  • 1 x Mini aquarium,
  • 2 x Square bean bags,
  • 2 x Cube bean bags,
  • 2 x Squeeze balls,
  • 3 x Ribbon ring,
  • 2 x Rubber discs,
  • 2 x Ribbon wands,
  • 1 x Small ooze tube,
  • 1 x Soft multi-coloured ball

  • Large and comprehensive UV sensory play kit
  • All toys glow and fluoresce under UV blacklight
  • Tactile toys encourage touch
  • Visual stimulation and understanding of light and colour
  • Ideal for group and individual play
  • Encourages positive participation in play
  • Suitable for children ages 3yrs +

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