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 Terracotta Smudge Bowl - Mandala
Terracotta Smudge Bowl - Mandala 1
Terracotta Smudge Bowl - Mandala 2
Terracotta Smudge Bowl - Mandala 3

Terracotta Smudge Bowl - Mandala

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Freshen up your life and your home with the herbal power of smudging, this beautiful terracotta dish is perfect for safely burning Smudge or Palo Santo sticks. Read more...

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Terracotta Smudge Bowl - Mandala Description

A large terracotta smudge bowl with an intricate Mandala design for the safe burning of herbs, Palo Santo wood, or Smudge sticks. Abalone shells are the traditional vessel for catching the ashes from smudging, but they can be small, uneven, scorch easily, and contain holes. By using a terracotta bowl you are able to burn your herbs or smudge stick directly in the bowl, rather than wafting the smudge stick alone by hand around your homes or yoga studios, where there is a heightened risk of loose burning embers falling onto wooden floors, carpets, or soft furnishings.

They are also useful when extinguishing smudge sticks, blowing on or putting out in water is not recommended, but they should be 'dabbed' out by pressing the burning end on to a hard surface and stopping the air supply. Apart from the obvious safety benefits of using a smudge bowl, it also looks beautiful and you'll be happy to proudly display it at home, with an added smudge stick in situ you'll create a visually calming vibe.

Some people believe that Sage, commonly used in Smudge sticks, has mosquito repelling qualities, so using the bowl outside on dry summer evenings could be a good alternative to the typical citronella fragranced candles and incense.

  • Height 10cm
  • Diameter 13cm
  • Terracotta

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