Permanent UV Marker Pen

A permanent marker to leave an invisible indelible mark, perfect for covert marking your personal possessions. Read more...

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Does not fade like standard UV pen and needs no overseals to protect the mark. The pen offers a bright UV mark when exposed to UV light, this will allow you to mark your property (as recommended by the Police) There are also more fun uses such as decorating garments and accessories for clubbing! We advise that you also use a UV light so you can see what you're writing, choose a real UV light such as our Counterfeit keyring or Inova X5 UV torch. Your mark is totally invisible to the naked eye and will only become visible under UV detection similar to Smartwater or the counterfeit markings on bank notes, passports and driving licences.

  • No need to buy extra Overseals to protect UV mark
  • A brighter UV mark
  • Does not fade
  • Ideal for marking personal property

Permanent UV Marker Pen Reviews
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5 out of 5 stars

uv pen

Reviewed 25 December 2014 by c newman

easy to use and great for postcoding valubles without leaving marks

4 out of 5 stars

UV pen

Reviewed 5 February 2014 by Roger F

The pen was used to mark my new skis with my email address and mob number. Easy to apply and check with the little UV keyring light.
After a hard weeks skiing I checked that the UV markings were still there. They were. Although a little fuzzzier than before they were still perfectly readable and would have ensured I could prove the skis were mine.

5 out of 5 stars

Prevent bird strikes

Reviewed 22 June 2013 by mara sheldon

I used this pen to draw 'spider webs' and patterns across my cant see the spider web designs as the ink dries clear, but this appears to have stopped the birds hitting the windows! I used these in conjunction with using the pen to re-colour some uv stickers on the windows which had lost the uv effect over the years,

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