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Medium Glow Moon Sticker Pack

A pack of glow in the dark super glow moon stickers available in three colours, these glow moon stickers feature a real image of the full moon taken in Nantes, France in 2005. Shine moonlight into your room! Read more...

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£19.99 £16.66 Ex. VAT

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This amazing pack of super glow in the dark moons contain a 20.5cm diameter moon, an 8.5cm moon, and 4 smaller moons at 3.5cm. The moons are made from real astrophotographic images of the moon taken by French photographer Norbert Rumiano in Nantes France. Available in blue or pink print, to fit in with various decor themes, all moons glow luminous green after dark.

  • A pack of Clair de Lune glow in the dark moons
  • 1 x large (20.5cm diameter), 1 x medium (8.5cm diameter), and 4 x small (3.5cm diameter) included.
  • Real images of the moon taken in 23rd February 2005
  • As your room darkens, the moons begin to glow
  • Available in blue or pink print (both colours glow green)
  • Extra strong adhesive film


The Moonlight wall sticker has a strong adhesive film that can be used on various wall types, however once the image has been stuck it can be difficult to re-locate the image without damaging the sticker.

  • 1. Find a clean, flat surface with maximum access to the rooms lighting
  • 2. For the best moonlight effect the room must have lighting with an on/off control

Directions for use:

  • Step 1: Find a wall near the lighting in the room
  • Step 2: Remove any dirt and dust off the wall
  • Step 3: Peel a corner off the moon sticker
  • Step 4: Slowly begin to peel off the rest of the sticker and smooth the surface with a gentle squeegee at 45 degrees
  • Step 5: In order to glow the Moonlight wall sticker needs to be exposed to the light of your room. It's recommended that you charge (expose to light) it for at least 30 mins or upto 6 hours for a full charge.
  • Step 6: Turn off the lights in the room and enjoy the moonlight!

Find out more about how glow in the dark works to get the best from your glow moon stickers.

Medium Glow Moon Sticker Pack Reviews

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