Bulk 2-6mm Glow Gravel Green 1kg

Self illuminating gravel to bring stunning effects to gardens, flowerbeds, aquariums, and DIY projects. Read more...

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The gravel offers self illuminating, electricity free lighting that will recharge itself over and over again and last indefinitely. The gravel is an actual source of ambient light, it absorbs radiant U.V. energy from the sun (or artificial light) and converts it into longer wavelengths of the visible spectrum, thereby producing a visible light. By day the gravel is a very pale green. The gravel represents a cutting edge technology in zero energy self sustaining light, and can be used in a multitude of applications, you can mix it in with your regular gravel to create a 'star path'. It can be set in a clear resin to create glowing floors, ornaments, funky kitchen worktops, the potential applications are endless. The gravel is also water resistant making it suitable for aquatic and other submerged applications (we would always recommend that it is washed first).

Not just for outdoor use, the gravel can also be incorporated into table decorations, as it can be easily charged by exposing it to light (UV blacklight is even better). The shards of gravel range between 2mm-6mm and can be purchased in 1kg bags, there are discounts for larger quantities suitable for larger projects and applications.

The 'glow' time and brightness depends on various factors such as how much light it will get in the daytime, and how dark an area it is placed (the gravel look better the darker the surrounding area). Even down to how different people see 'glow' in the dark so there's no concrete answer, but 'afterglow' is around 10 hours. Please read our guide on getting started with Glow Gravel.

Find out more about how glow in the dark works to get the best out of your glow gravel.

Bulk 2-6mm Glow Gravel Green 1kg Reviews
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5 out of 5 stars

Very bright

Reviewed 17 June 2017 by Fuggett

Very bright and long lasting glow in the dark .

5 out of 5 stars

Homemade Vase Lamp

Reviewed 16 December 2015 by Lauren C

I filled 3 vases from IKEA with gravel and sat them in my bathroom window, they look absolutely amazing at night and cast enough light for me to see without turning on the light.

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