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Star Wars 3D FX Wall Lights


Wholesale Glowsticks

Wholesale Glow Sticks - we offer wholesale glow necklaces, wholesale glow bracelets and more light sticks products in bulk quantities. The greater the quantity of glow in the dark glowsticks the lower the unit cost

Wholesale glow sticks 6 inch are the original & most popular glowsticks available in 8 COLOURS! Light sticks are individually wrapped/bulk pack + lanyard & hook. High quality Glow Company brand...
Glow Sticks Wholesale 6"
As low as £0.35 each
Wholesale Glow bracelets supplied in bulk tubes of 100 making them cheap and incredible value. Top quality Glow Company brand glowing bracelet
Wholesale Glow Bracelets
As low as £0.05 each
Highest quality wholesale glow necklaces – The Glow Company brand. Buy bulk glow necklaces in a variety of neon colours. Each glow stick necklace will glow for 8+ hours
Wholesale Glow Necklaces
As low as £0.24 each

Wholesale 4" glow sticks are just as bright and colourful as the 6" glowstick - just a bit smaller! Glowsticks are bulk-bagged with lanyards. Good quality cheap on price not cheap glowsticks...
Wholesale Glow Sticks 4"
As low as £0.25 each
HUGE LIGHT STICKS ! These glowsticks are 10" & really GLOW supplied in a mixture or your choice of colours...
Concert Glowsticks Wholesale
As low as £0.62 each
Wholesale glow glasses or glow goggles! Each of the glow glasses are Individually wrapped with arms & connectors enclosed. A popular glow product
Glow Glasses Wholesale
As low as £0.54 each

Have fun with these Glow Bunny Ears. Bunny ears are a headband with glow sticks attached and are individually wrapped
Glow Bunny Ears Wholesale
As low as £0.54 each
Wholesale glow Cups ! These glow cups glasses or beakers are really very good The glow moves freely around an inner chamber it appears as though you are drinking a glowing drink!
Wholesale Glow Cups
As low as £0.90 each
Glowing clip on glow earrings are a great party product. Supplied in orange, green or blue. Get your ears glowing!
Glow Earrings Wholesale
As low as £0.46 each

Glow Martini glass. A substantial & good quality martini shaped glow cup - the glow moves freely throughout the cup. Great for drinks & desserts.
Glow Martini Cup Wholesale
As low as £1.06 each
Wholesale 1.5" glow sticks can be used for all manner of applications - fishing, decoration, displays & clubbing. High quality - cheap on price not cheap glowsticks !
Glowsticks 1.5" Wholesale
As low as £0.18 each
These cool Glow Straws will certainly make your drink glow. The glow stick inside the straw goes up and down as you suck on the straw, a great product...
Glow Straws Cocktail Stirrer
As low as £0.31 each

Wholesale glow shot glasses are a great glow party product & are of very good quality. When you drink from the glow cups it appears that you are drinking the glow...
Glow Shot Glass Wholesale
As low as £0.66 each
Glow in the dark whistles are made from glow in the dark plastic & will glow after exposure to light & under UV light Comes with cord necklace..
Glow In The Dark Whistles Wholesale
As low as £0.29 each
Wholesale high intensity glow sticks burn brighter & faster than traditional glowsticks 3 times as bright yet only last for 25-30 minutes. Suitable for industry, safety etc
High Intensity Glowsticks Wholesale
As low as £0.59 each

Wholesale safety Light Sticks offer a guaranteed 12 hour glow Individually wrapped with a useful hook, eye & lanyard
Safety Glowsticks Wholesale
As low as £0.83 each
Experience the world through a rainbow of spectacular colour with amazing Wholesale FX Spex Rainbow Glasses! Look to any light source to see funky rainbows of colourful light! Groovy!
Wholesale FX Spex Rainbow Glasses Standard
As low as £0.23 each
Colour your world with super spangly rainbows of light when you wear Wholesale FX Spex Deluxe Rainbow Glasses. Make the light dance in rainbows of vibrant colour!
Wholesale FX Spex Deluxe Rainbow Glasses Wholesale FX Spex Deluxe Rainbow Glasses
As low as £0.90 each

I have purchased similar lights in the past and have been very pleased with them so I hope these will be as lovely.

Veronica M
27th of November 2015
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