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Watches & Clocks

Illuminating clocks and watches add an extra level of practicality to your device.

A cute a decorative wall clock, the Glow in the Dark Owl Clock features glow in the dark eyes! Children and adults will love the charming minimalist owl face that glows brightly in the dark.
Glow in the Dark Owl Clock
You won't miss the time with bright and colourful Blink Time Watches! Press the smooth silicone face of the watch and the time digitally appears in red LED's so that you can easily tell the time in all light conditions!
Blink Time Watches
Cast beautiful glowing moonlight into your home and gorgeous lunar imagery from the stunning Moonlight Glow in the Dark Moon Clock.
Glow in the Dark Moon Clock

Display the time as your work and refresh tired eyes with a cooling breeze from this desktop LED clock fan gadget.
Desktop LED Clock Fan
Tell the time no matter how dark it is without the need to turn on the lights with the glow in the dark wall clock.
Glow in the Dark Clock
Your toddlers assault on your sleep is about to end with the adorable Momo Monkey Sleep Trainer alarm clock! Available in green or pink.
Sleep Trainer Momo Monkey

This LED Clock Fan is the coolest clock we've ever seen
LED Clock Fan
Check the time during the night without having to turn on the lights and avoid the fumble to find the alarm when it sounds in the morning.
Glow in the Dark Alarm Clock
Well engineered UK handmade glow coaster with integrated timepiece.
Midnight Pebble Glow Clock Coaster (Single)

Dark wood veneer alarm clock which only displays the time when you clap your hands.
Clap on Cube Alarm Clock
Wake up to the alarm, fix your face in the mirror, then clap your hands to check the time. The Sound Sensor Mirror Clock does it all!
Sound Sensor Mirror Alarm Clock
Shoot into action every morning and add a little drama to your day with the fantastic Secret Agent Alarm Clock. This quirky alarm clock projects the time when your pull the trigger and gently vibrates to wake you.
Secret Agent Alarm Clock Secret Agent Alarm Clock

Wake up to authentic R2-D2 chirrups and bleeps with this official STAR WARS replica droid.
R2-D2 Projector Clock R2-D2 Projector Clock
With a cool white body and contemporary design, the Ovo Projection Clock White brings the classic wall clock right up to date!
Ovo Projection Clock White Ovo Projection Clock White
Spray light and time, rather than paint and crime, with this funky Spray Paint Projection Clock. Perfect for cool kids and anyone a little bit arty!
Spray Paint Projection Clock Spray Paint Projection Clock

This funky Space Invaders Alarm Clock wakes you with real sounds from the number one retro arcade game!
Space Invaders Alarm Clock Space Invaders Alarm Clock
Project stars into your room and cast out soft lighting as the mood light moves through a soothing colour change. Excellent as a night light, this star projector is also a digital alarm clock.
Star Projector Alarm Clock Star Projector Alarm Clock
Project a wall clock made from pure light onto your surfaces with the sleek and stylish Projection Clock.
Projection Clock Projection Clock


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