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We have a huge range of torches for all applications from Professional Torches, Head Torches, Eco Torches, Keyring Torches, Camping Lanterns, Childrens Torches & more...

Torches A selection of powerful and professional Torches from leading brands including LED Lenser, Inova and Cyba Lite
Head Torches A range of LED Head Torches for hands-free working from leading brands LED Lenser, Princeton Tec, Cyba Lite, Petzl and more
Head Torches
Eco Torches A range of Eco Torches that utilise alternative energy sources such as the solar power torch and the wind up torch. Eco Torches are now a useable reality...
Eco Torches
Camping Lanterns A selection of camping lanterns for your next trip. Camping Lanterns illuminate a wider area than torches and are more practical...
Camping Lanterns
UV Torches Identify dirt, germs and identify counterfeit currency; UV Torches illuminate UV reactive materials.
UV Torches
Keyring Torches What could be more handy than a very compact and powerfull Keyring Torch. One day you will be glad you bought one...
Keyring Torches
Childrens Torches A great selection of childrens torches. Bright lights and bright colours - practical and fun...
Childrens Torches

Very enjoyable experience,had to come back for more.

Grahame P
5th of February 2016
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