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Romantic Glow

Glow for the Home

Tea Lights

We have traditional Tea Lights along with colour flame, LED, submersible, scented & various shapes

Cute and decorative wedding cake tea light candles for delicate, romantic themed lighting.
Wedding Cake T-Lights
Fill your home with the indulging scent of chocolate, decorate your home with these beautifully designed candles that will release a heavenly aroma!
Chocolate T-light Candles (6 Pack)
Classic retro sweeties that have become tea light candles! Lovehearts Sweets Tea Lights carry cute messages such as "kiss me" for a little sweet innocence in your home.
Lovehearts Sweets Tealights

Beautiful and elegant butterflies now in a tealight candle form, these glittery tealight candles look stunning when lit in a dim room!
Butterfly T-lights (6 Pack)
Bring the outside in with beautiful ambient Hyacinth Tea Light Candles that are Hyacinth bulbs. Blooming fabulous for relaxing candle light in your home and garden.
Hyacinth Tea Light Candles (16 Pack)
Enjoy BBQ's and summer drinks in the garden by flickering candlelight with highly fragranced Citronella Tealight Candles.
Citronella Tealight Candles (50 Pack)

Use jumbo nine hour tea light candles for soft mood lighting.
Jumbo 9hr Tealights (6 Pack)
Create stunning displays with submersible waterproof LED's - perfect for adding an elegant glow to your floristry and centrepieces.
Sub Lites
Achieve perfect positioning of your tea lights without burning your fingers and spilling wax with the Candlemate Extinguisher Tealight Set. Perfect for handling and extinguishing tea lights and candles.
Candlemate Extinguisher Tealight Set

Philips Rechargeable LED Tealights offer the soft effect of relaxing candlelight, with the added convenience of rechargeable lighting. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of open flame and hot wax.
Philips Rechargeable LED Tealights (2 Pack) Philips Rechargeable LED Tealights (2 Pack)
So kitsch they're very cool, these golden pineapple tealights are full of tropical cheer!
Pineapple Tealights (6 Pack) Pineapple Tealights (6 Pack)
For fairytale lighting that's adds a touch of fantasy and fairy magic to your home, use brightly coloured Toadstool Tea Lights.
Toadstool Tea Lights (6 Pack) Toadstool Tea Lights (6 Pack)

It's very easy to use :)

Karen H
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