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Solar Gadgets

Utilise the power of the sun and put to good use this free Solar Power.

A fantastic solar gadget for environmentally conscious people looking for the latest in solar and thermal design.
Solar Kettle
Ultra long run-time, smart USB phone charging, and impressive 100 Lumens light, the Sun King Pro All Night is the ultimate portable solar light!
Sun King Pro All Night Solar Light
A beam of sunlight is all it takes for the benevolent pontiff to reassure you with his knowing wave.
Solar Pope

Rugged and compact solar light offering 30 hours of light from a single day charge!
Sun King Eco Solar Light
Be the envy of the campsite whether you're at a festival or tackling mountain ranges, enjoy the luxury or a warm shower wherever you are!
20 Litre Solar Shower
A curious room decoration, the Standing Rainbow Maker casts beautiful rainbows into your room that swirl and rotate as the Swarovski crystal moves. Educational and fun, decorate your room with pretty rainbows!
Standing Rainbow Maker

The LuminAID is your solar powered inflatable light saviour. Charge it on the go then inflate to create a lightweight waterproof light that will last around 16 hours on a single charge.
The WakaWaka Power ingeniously combines the most efficient solar lamp in the world with a portable charger. Fully charged in just eight hours, the WakaWaka Power will fully replenish battery life on any smartphone in less than two hours, whilst still providing hours of safe, bright light.
WakaWaka Power Black
A rugged solar light for outdoor adventures with a long run time, wide angle or spot modes and 50 lumens of light.
Sun King Solo Solar Light

A classic piece of Great British memorabilia, celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with the quirky waving Solar Queen!
Solar Queen
Elroy the Solar Corgi is the perfect companion to sit beside your Solar Powered Queen. Watch them regally nod and wave in unison from your desktop or windowsill.
Solar Corgi
Save 30%
Solar Corgi
Was £14.99 Now £10.49
Expose this funky Solar Camper Van T-Shirt to sunlight and the kooky camper bursts into colourful life! Two t-shirts in one, this quirky tee transforms in sunlight to feature a kooky green and blue design.
Solar Camper Van T-Shirt
Was £19.99 Now £10.46

Have access to clean drinking water anywhere in the world with a Steripen Freedom. Charge using the solar panel, USB or even the mains adaptor and have clean water in just forty eight seconds!
Steripen Freedom Solar & USB
Light your outdoor adventures and emergency situations with the Wali Inflatable Solar Lantern, a compact and lightweight alternative to traditional emergency lighting.
Wali Inflatable Solar Lantern
Mona Lisa is the most famous, written about and visited work of art in history and now she's even solar powered. Sit her in the sun and enjoy her cheerful wave.
Solar Mona Lisa
Save 25%
Solar Mona Lisa
Was £18.95 Now £14.21

A 3 in 1 transformer, this little robot becomes a tank and a spaceship, expose it to sunlight and the solar panels energise it making it move! Hours of fun for the kids, and you!
Solar 3 In 1 Transformer Toy
Ever been accused of acting before you think? The solar Einstein figurine will encourage you to think before you act and avert impending thoughtless disasters!
Solar Einstein
Save 25%
Solar Einstein
Was £18.95 Now £14.21
Three super bright LED’s, along with ingenious suction pad design solar panel, makes the PIFCO solar push light an ideal alternative to battery powered lighting.
Pifco Solar Push Light 3 LED

Channel your inner hippy and let the whole world know you're a dedicated environmentalist with the solar colour change Tree Hugger T-Shirt.
Treehugger T-Shirt
The WakaWaka Light is the most efficient solar light in the world. Fully charged in just eight hours, the lamp is twice as efficient as any others, giving sixteen hours of bright light from just a single charge.
WakaWaka Light Yellow
Imaginative, scientific and more to point fun, this 14in1 Educational Solar Robot kit allows you to build fourteen robots at two different ability levels and even moves on land and water!
14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot

An educational kit that can be powered by either the solar panel or rechargeable battery, build your own space station, shuttle, astronaut or space themed robots with full movement with a Solar Space Station Robot.
Solar Space Fleet Robot 7 in 1
Cast moving rainbows into your room using this solar power rainbow maker. If your window receives direct sunlight this Rainbow Maker will brighten up any room...
Solar Rainbow Maker


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