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Penguin Eco Torch

A usable torch with no batteries? Yep! Just give it a squeeze and the Penguin Eco torch powers up to light the way. Great children's torches Read more...

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Hey Kids! Don't be caught in the dark without your penguin eco torch!

Whether reading under the covers, making fun shapes on the wall or guiding your way in the dark, every child should have a torch. But surely a torch with no batteries is useless? Not the Penguin Eco Torch! This magical source of light doesn't need any! Just squeeze and it's ready to light your way into the night. Truly illuminating!

The penguin Eco Torch is a friendly illuminating character; flip a switch and he'll pop out a wing for you to charge him up, each squeeze spins the dynamo inside to keep him illuminated. Give him a minutes chargin and you're all set for all the light you need. You can lock his wing back in just as easily and just have a cute penguin shaped torch complete with light up beak.

A minutes 'charging' will produce hours of light, switch him off to save some power for later - or you can always just give it a friendly squeeze. He'll stand up on his own two feet, if you need him standing by and he's got a handy wrist strap for whe you're out and about.

  • Cute penguin shape
  • Small wrist strap for small hands
  • Pump his wing to charge him up
  • Bright and energy efficient LED light
  • Batteries not included - You don't need any!

The Penguin Eco Torch stands 11.5 cm high
His body is sleightly oval shaped, with an average diameter of 4.5cm

No batteries are required and he'll hold a charge for days.

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