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New Glow Products

Here's a list of our newest Glow Products from exciting new designer lighting to the latest glow toys and flashing novelties.

Bouncy balls have been a fun favourite for years. This bumper tub contains a massive SEVENTY TWO glow in the dark bouncy balls, guaranteeing hours of fun for all ages.
Mega Tub of 72 Glow Bouncy Balls
Lace up and glow with these UV reactive neon shoe laces.
Neon Shoelaces (12 Pack)
Create stunning displays of bright pink light with LED chaser string lights. Choose from eight different light modes for ultra bright, ultra eye catching decoration.
200 Pink LED Chaser Lights

Enjoy the cosy glow of candlelight without the fire risk and messy melted wax.
LED Candles with Flickering Light (3 Pack) LED Candles with Flickering Light (3 Pack)
Your floral displays and arrangements needn't lose their sparkle when the lights go down. Fill vases with Glow in the Dark Water Pearls to create stunning glowing effects.
Glow in the Dark Water Pearls 5g
The Aloka Sleepy Light combines the style of a lamp with the functions of a nightlight, all in glorious technicolour! Choose from three fantasy designs.
Aloka Sleepy Light Fantasy

Create pretty, richly coloured festive displays with these LED Jewelled Cones.
10 Battery Operated Jewelled LED Cone Lights
Send rays of blue light revolving around your party with this light, designed to mimic the beacons of emergency vehicles.
Blue Disco Police Light (18078)
This scary Kaiju monster will not only protect your keys, but press the button and he will breathe a beam of fiery light too .
Kaiju Monster LED Keyring Torch

Replicate the magic of snowfall with these enchanting cool white tube lights. Watch the video!
30cm LED Snowdrop Tubes (10 Pack)
This wise owl is even nerdier than he looks. Press his tail and super-bright LED's will illuminate from inside his wide rimmed specs, turning him into a handy torch.
Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
Use these LED candles with your favourite candlesticks, for all of the glamour and glow, and none of the candle wax mess.
9" LED Dinner Candles (2 Pack)

Most speakers are ugly; however these ones most certainly are not. Crank up the volume and watch the multi-coloured LED sprinkle effect dance to the beat of the music. Beat that Bellagio!
Dancing Water Speakers
Look at those sad eyes, so full of shame. Press his tail to illuminate the LED's and watch his eyes light up.
Cone of Shame LED Keyring Torch
Relive a youth of baited breath and overwhelming anxiety, as you painstakingly try to guide a hoop around a bendy maze, without it touching the sides. Bendy Buzz Off takes things to a whole new level!
Bendy Buzz Off

Let the force of a Stormtrooper or the legendary Darth Vader protect you from the dark side
Star Wars Moodlights
Settle Puppy down for the night and see him close his eyes and even snore!
Night Night Puppy with Glowing Nose
Any budding Imelda Marcos knows you can never have too many shoes, and this pretty 'Shoes Galore' paper lantern light shade is covered in them.
Shoes Paper Lantern

What could be cuter, than a bunny on a scooter? A bunny on a scooter with an LED torch headlight, that's what!
Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch
Bring the spectacular effects of the aurora lights to your party with the Mini Polar Laser.
Mini Polar Laser (757)
Add a little character and a warm glow to any room in your home with this cute Night Owl Candle.
Night Owl Candle

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