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Perfect for a warming fire in the winter or to light your BBQ in the summer - the Looftlighter electric BBQ and fire lighter will do all the hard work for you! Read more...

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5 out of 5 stars
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The Looftlighter is a heating tool that will revolutionise the way you light your BBQ's and fireplaces. Simple to use, this lightweight firelighter is made from a durable stainless steel inner with aluminium cover, which means it's sure to last years and years.
No more getting frustrated over trying to light the BBQ as the Looftlighter can create an established fire within 1minute. Super heated air is blown out of the top of this nifty electric firelighter to approximately 680°C, which means that you will never need to use lighter fluids again. Simply position the nozzle of the Looftlighter onto the coals igniting larger coals or logs first as this will then travel to smaller pieces once lit. Mains powered and with a 3m power cable, you will need an external mains power supply to be able to use it in the garden however the 3m cable should provide more than enough lead for indoor use.

The Looftlighter is easier to use than trying to light coal or briquettes with matches; tastier than using lighting fluid as there is no residual taste on the cooked food; cleaner, as the level of heat generated from the Looftlighter burns away any food or charcoal remnants; and quicker as it takes less than 1minute for a full BBQ fire or fire within your fireplace to be established.

An environmentally friendly way to light your BBQ, this fabulous mains operated firelighter gives you added control over when your grill is ready to start cooking.
Add all the benefits of the Looftlighter up and you will never have to stand in the wind trying to light your BBQ or fireplace through matches again. What's more, the Looftlighter has a built in bottle opener, which means you can sit back and relax with a bottle of beer whilst the Looftlighter does the hard work for you.


Please note the first time you use the Looftlighter there might be some smoke that appears from the nozzle. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Also, always make a pile out of the coal or briquettes.

1. Touch the pile of coal with the Looftlighter
2. Draw back the Looftlighter a little bit when sparks appear (10-20seconds)
3. Continue to point the Looftlighter in the same direction for atleast 60seconds

Want the perfect glow in a couple of minutes? Just continue using the Looftlighter towards one (or more) points in the pile.


Place the metal grill over the BBQ once the charcoal has been lit and then continue to use the Looftlighter through it. Any remains of food on the grate will be burned off by the high level of heat - the Looftlighter effectively results in what's called "pyrolytic cleaning" of the grill.
Even if you have started the grill as usual (by using the Looftlighter for one minute and then letting the charcoal burn down) you can fast forward the process at any time in order to control when you start grilling.
If you have a lid for your BBQ, you can close it to put out the charcoal - if your guests are late for example - and then simply start heating the charcoal again with the Looftlighter when it's time to cook.
If the charcoal has burned down and you need to add new charcoal, you can quickly get it ready again with the Looftlighter.

1. Check that the flue is open
2. Put the largest split logs on the inside and the smallest on the outside
3. Place a ball of paper between the smaller logs
4. Plug in the Looftlighter and hold it so that it touches the paper. Press the button.
5. When the paper begins to burn, hold the Looftlighter 20-30cm from the logs and keep using it until the fire is established.


  • Looftlighter measures 48.3 x 7.6 x 5.6cm
  • Weighs 907g unboxed and 1.4kg boxed
  • 3m power cord
  • Mains powered - 240v/ 50hz/ 1800w/ 680°C
  • Lights your bbq or fire in your home in less than a minute
  • Has several uses including to light BBQ's, grills and fireplaces
  • Has an integrated bottle opener in the metal foot
  • Made from durable stainless steel with an aluminium casing

Looftlighter Reviews
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5 out of 5 stars


Reviewed 4 September 2013 by Daryl

This is an amazing piece of kit, my husband thinks it's amazing, lights fires in literally seconds. So good I am going to buy my Dad one for his birthday.

5 out of 5 stars


Reviewed 4 April 2013 by Peter

This arrived promptly and is an excellent piece of kit.
It does what the package says and lights a fire in a very short time. The fan can also be used to boost an ailing blaze. The only difficulty is that it can blow ash about if lighting a previously lit fire. Definitely worth five stars!!

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