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Laser Pen 4 In 1

This laser pen offers so much more -and at a fantastic price! Our fabulous four-in one laser-pen incorporates a laser-pointer, bright LED torch, pda stylus and a smooth writing ball-point pen... Read more...

£6.66 Ex.VAT

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4.7 out of 5 stars


The 4 in 1 laser pen is so versatile, we're expecting the Swiss-army people to recruit them any day now.

This sleek solid metal pen incorporates not only a smooth writing ball-point pen but also a standard size nylon stylus for use with touch screen computing devices like pocket PC's, pda's or those electronic signature boxes that delivery couriers use.

It also has a dinky but powerful bright white LED light and a highly accurate laser pointer that is perfect for directing attention during those office power-meetings or lunch-break shenanigans.

All this crammed into a sleek metal pen that wouldn't look out of place in a high-flying executive pocket or an episode of your favourite sci-fi show.

This little beauty comes pre-packed with batteries all served up in a stylish metal tin with a spare set of batteries.

  • Suitable for office presentations
  • Point & identify objects the hand cannot reach - e.g. warehouse/shop
  • Cats & dogs love to chase the crazy dot
  • PDA 'scribe'
  • Write with it!
  • Super Bright LED Torch
  • 50+ metre range - you will be amazed!
  • Nice smoothe 'write'
  • Class II laser
  • CE registered & fully UK compliant
  • 2 sets of Batteries included
  • Batteries replaceable (watch batteries LR41 / AG3)
  • Power Output: 5 milliwatts
  • Replaceable pen unit
  • High Quality metal pen & laser

WARNING do not point directly at eyes. Over 16's only

Laser Pen 4 In 1 Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Beam me up

Reviewed 15 November 2013 by Fraser Simpson

Amazingly I received this as one of two free gifts with the Laserpod Orb Basestation!! Came in a cool little tin with several extra batteries. Both laser and LED are quite powerful. The products feels like quality in the hand too.

3 out of 5 stars

Laser Pen

Reviewed 8 May 2013 by David Hodgson

I think that it should have a warning,because if using as a pen inadvertant pressure on the laser button (unmarked) may result in laser in the eye.
Hold it to write and you will see the problem, the end is pointing at your face. I got this free.

5 out of 5 stars

good little pen

Reviewed 2 April 2013 by Sandra Thomas

was very pleased with this as a free gift, would have bought one if i had seen them

4 out of 5 stars

useful gadget

Reviewed 28 February 2013 by RAB19

Useful gadget and an OK price from a good supplier. Pen, laser (more powerful than expected at 5mW) and stylus are great. The LED torch is not so great, not really bright enough to be useful for any serious task! Case and spare batteries are a definite bonus.

5 out of 5 stars

A nice surprise

Reviewed 24 July 2012 by Ian

I received this item free with another order I placed with The Glow Company and it was a nice wee surprise because it is actually a decent quality item that would warrant a buy normally.
The pictures above are accurate except the pen I received didn't have the small icons beside the buttons, no big deal because there are only two.
There is a ballpoint nib along with a PDA stylus type nib. I can't say I've had cause to use the stylus nib so far (everything is capacitive touch now) but I dare say it serves the purpose. The pen writes well enough and can be replaced when it runs out.
The laser is powerful for a small device and easily reaches across a large room. The led torch is okay for lighting up nearby objects in the dark but can't deal with much more. Batteries are supplied and it comes in a nice aluminium case.
Overall, decent quality and great price!

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