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Keyring Torches

What could be more handy than a very compact and powerfull Keyring Torch. One day you will be glad you bought one...

Four of the World's greatest superheroes reenacted as Lego creations with ultimate light beam super powers! Choose from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or The Joker.
DC Lego Super Hero Keyring Lights
Available in Yoda, Storm Trooper, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca and Darth Vader.
Lego Star Wars Led Key Lights
Choose from Minions, Frozen's Olaf or My Little Pony and tag these adorable micro sized LED lights to your clothes and accessories.
Micro Lites

You never know when just might need a torch. Your car could break down at night; your fuse might go in your lighting! No matter, just reach for your keys and light the way.
Led Lenser P3 Keyring Torch
Have the practicality of light when you need it most and a quirky character that stands out on your keys with an Owl Keychain. A cute keyring torch, the Owl Keychain will be loved by kids and adults alike!
Owl Keychain Light
What could be cuter, than a bunny on a scooter? A bunny on a scooter with an LED torch headlight, that's what!
Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch

A cute little green character, this retro Space Invaders LED Keychain is a handy torch for your keys!
Space Invaders LED Keychain
Brighten up the dark nights with these charming Smurf Keylight Torches, available in Smurf or Smurfette design.
Smurfs Keyring Torches
UV is great fun but also pretty functional too. A funky little keyring torch means that you’ve got the power of UV with you at all times.
Uv Keyring Torch (3 LED)

This wise owl is even nerdier than he looks. Press his tail and super-bright LED's will illuminate from inside his wide rimmed specs, turning him into a handy torch.
Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
The bigger the bag, the more you cram in. Put an end to fumbling for your keys by attaching Blink Keyz to your keyring. Available in white, pink or blue
Blink Keyz
Hang a hint of nostalgia from your keychain with the Jelly Baby Keylight. The Jelly Baby Keylight has all the charm of the real gummy treat, minus the cavities and sugar rush.
Jelly Baby Keylight

Summon the Caped Crusader and shine light into the darkness with the Batman Projection Torch.
Batman Projection Torch
Perfect for the absent minded, Bink Finder is a key finder and keyring torch all rolled into one!
Blink Key Finder Torch
Function combined with extra peace of mind, this UV torch is also a personal attack alarm that fits on your keys.
Keyring Personal Alarm & UV Light

Look at those sad eyes, so full of shame. Press his tail to illuminate the LED's and watch his eyes light up.
Cone of Shame LED Keyring Torch
Let man's best friend help you to keep your keys on a short leash.
Fetch my Keys Doggy Keyfinder
Make the dark a more adventurous place with a quirky Mole Miner Keyring Torch. A charming little character to light up your keys, this handy keyring torch is lit by a single white LED.
Mole Miner Keyring

Set your key apart from the rest and light the lock with this wide eyed night owl key cap. Pop him on your key and he'll do the rest!
Owl Flash Light Key Cap
This scary Kaiju monster will not only protect your keys, but press the button and he will breathe a beam of fiery light too .
Kaiju Monster LED Keyring Torch
These cute little critters are simply adorable! Each features a signature sound effect and a bright LED torch, they're ideal company for your keys...
Animal Keyring Torch

Good source of UV light with a range of 370 - 375 nanometres, meaning will detect security markings on bank notes as well as smart water and invisible UV inks.
UV Counterfeit Keyring Torch
Fit a super handy Glow Company Keyring Torch to your keys for bright light just when you need it most. Perfect for keeping in your car, bag or pocket for light emergencies!
Glow Company Keyring Torch
Ideal for camping, festivals or trips outdoors, this handy Munkees LED Bottle Opener Keyring ensures that you have enough light to find your tent and allows you to open glass bottles for a tasty drink!
Munkees LED Bottle Opener Keyring

Cool kids will love the Spray Can LED Keyring Torch. Press the nozzle of the can to 'spray' a beam of light, giving them cool but functional lighting whenever they need it.
Spraycan LED Keyring Torch Spraycan LED Keyring Torch
Make your key stand out from the bunch and guide your way to your key hole in the dark with the super cute Duck Flash Light Key Cap!
Duck Flash Light Key Cap Duck Flash Light Key Cap
This keyring torch looks and works just like the real thing, with a bright LED beam, but may be in for a shock!
Shock Torch Shock Torch

You never know when you might need a telescope, torch or compass…so carry all three in your pocket at all times!
Telescope Compass Keyring Torch Telescope Compass Keyring Torch
Made from soft jelly plastic, these Gummy Bear Keyrings are even sweeter than the real thing!
Gummy Bear Keyring Gummy Bear Keyring
A handy keyring torch that looks awesome on your keys! Featuring master of the Capcom characters Ryu, a Street Fighter favourite.
Street Fighter LED Torch Street Fighter LED Torch

Spread a little festive cheer with the cool LEGO Santa Keyring Torch, perfect for kids and adults alike.
Lego Santa Keyring Torch Lego Santa Keyring Torch
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Very bright. Easy to use website.Great choice of interesting products!

Nicki W
10th of February 2016
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