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Head Torches

A range of LED Head Torches for hands-free working from leading brands LED Lenser, Princeton Tec, Cyba Lite, Petzl and more

A super handy Head Torch with night vision and SOS modes, this Cyba-Lite Sensor Head Torch gives you light at the wave of a hand!
Cyba-Lite Sensor Head Torch
Get focusable light and keep your hands free to work with the heavy duty 3 Watt Cree LED Head Light. Perfect for providing light just when you need it most!
3 Watt Cree LED Head Light
Light up your kids adventures with these charming head torches. Two LED's shine from a cheeky monkey or a quirky meerkat to make Kids Animal Headlights. Ideal for camping trips, sleepovers and adventures in the dark!
Kids Animal Headlights

A Lightweight 3 LED headlamp, the FUEL is ideal for almost any outdoor situation, three super-bright nichia L.E.D.s cast a 15 Lumen beam of light or you can dim the light and stretch the battery out to 160 hours...
Fuel Head Torch - Princeton Tec Fuel Head Torch - Princeton Tec
A fantastic and incredibly practical lantern light, the Gorillatorch Switchback is supported on the super flexible Gorrillapod tripod and also includes a head torch that includes red LED’s for night vision. Brilliant!
Gorillatorch Switchback
Was £49.99 Now £37.49
A nifty hands-free torch, featuring 2 bright white LEDs and 1 red LED (for night vision), that clips onto the peak of a baseball cap. Ideal for fishing, auto repairs, peering into dark places etc
Clipz LED Mini Clip Light

Great value for emergency light, the Torch and Headtorch pack had everything you need for handy, portable light.
Torch and Headtorch Pack
The Cyba-Lite head torches or headlights are more than just a high quality shock resistant water resistant hands free torches! Night vision lens and 25 hours battery life...
Cyba-Lite Pico Twin Function LED Headlamp Night Vision
Need the benefit of light, but also the use of your hands? The LED Lenser Head Fire Headtorch’s sliding dimmer switch means that you can control the amount of light focused on your subject which makes it perfect for trades people or outdoorsy types.
Led Lenser H3 Head Torch Led Lenser H3 Head Torch

A rechargeable head torch that allows for focused hands free working without relying upon battery power. Featuring advanced speed focus technology, project your beam onto key points, making it easier to work on fiddly areas.
Led Lenser H7R Rechargeable Head Torch Led Lenser H7R Rechargeable Head Torch
A fantastic little headtorch with 3 LED's, an affordable and basic option, whilst being lightweight and compact.
3 LED Mini Headlight 3 LED Mini Headlight

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