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Glow Gadgets

Gadgets are great, but add a little glow or light to a practical item & it becomes much more useful

This traffic baton can be used to direct traffic or to warn vehicles of your presence to stay safe on the roads. Multi settings include very bright LED's in red and green and also a very handy torch.
Traffic Baton
As low as £9.00 each
Well engineered UK handmade glow coaster with integrated timepiece.
Midnight Pebble Glow Clock Coaster (Single)
The Glow Graffi-T Tee Shirt is the worlds first fully glow in the dark T shirt - not just a small panel - it glows all over!
Glow Graffi T Tee Shirt
Buy 2 for £44.95
Glow Graffi T Tee Shirt

See the principles of physics in action and highlighted in colourful light! The light up Newton's Cradle gives an illuminating twist to an iconic desktop toy.
Illuminated Newtons Cradle
Encourage kids to save their pennies, with this cool colour changing light show money box.
Glowing Coin Counter
Perfect for a warming fire in the winter or to light your BBQ in the summer - the Looftlighter electric BBQ and fire lighter will do all the hard work for you!

This LED Clock Fan is the coolest clock we've ever seen
LED Clock Fan
And when we say bright...we mean BRIGHT!
Hi-Reflective Umbrella
An absolutely crazy idea turned into a fantastic product. The Lav Nav Loo Light is your toilets own PIR auto sensing light which lights up in the night illuminating the loo as you approach.
Lav Nav
Buy 2 for £17.98
Lav Nav

Get a Grip on Ice and Snow.
Glow in the Dark Ice Traction Slip-ons
Cook, keep warm and even charge your phone all from one compact mobile stove! The Biolite Camping Stove is a unique biomass burner that is compact, portable and removes the need to carry fuel on camping trips.
Biolite Camping Stove
Create super funky circles of light as you cycle with Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights. Bring your bike to life with fantastic LED bike lights that not only look great but also make you highly visible at night.
Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights

Waterproof, Crushproof, Magnetic, Rechargeable and Visible up to 1km at night! What more can we say?
RAC Rechargeable Hazard Lights
We've all wished we could have power on tap for our battery draining smartphones and with the Power Tap USB Charger we finally can!
Power Tap USB Charger
Keyrings that glow for 10 years...
Glow Rings

Funky hand gesture pens only light when you write, why not! its fun!
Handy Light Up Pens
As low as £0.78 each
Glow Gloves by Novaglow using the latest glow in the dark technology. These excellent new design Glow Gloves look better and will glow in the dark for longer...
Glow in the Dark Gloves Glow in the Dark Gloves
As low as £3.17 each
The bigger the bag, the more you cram in. Put an end to fumbling for your keys by attaching Blink Keyz to your keyring. Available in white, pink or blue
Blink Keyz

Display the time as your work and refresh tired eyes with a cooling breeze from this desktop LED clock fan gadget.
Desktop LED Clock Fan
Bright LED toelights to help you see ice patches in advance.
Light-up Ice Traction Slip-ons
A practical and easy to use hand powered UV water purification system for use in emergencies or when travelling.
SteriPEN Sidewinder

LED light whilst fishing? Combine the two and you get the unbreakable Disco 20 Spinning Reel fishing rod.
Fishing Rod with LED Reel
Was £29.99 Now £20.99
The Extendable Magnetic Torch is one of those handy things you never knew you needed but never know how you managed without.
Extendable Magnetic Torch
Using energy saving LED technology the A4 and A2 ultra slim LED Light Pads are powerful devices with multiple creative uses.
LED Light Pad

Big, shiny lollipops that light up as you write!
LED Lollipop Pen
A handy "anytime" tool for scientists, students or even those who simply want to magnify the evening paper, the pocket microscope gives 30x magnification and can also be illuminated to highlight your subject.
Illuminated Pocket Microscope
Sometimes you just need a little light to help you find your way, or to let others know that you’re there. Never get caught out again with a handy carabiner light up keyring.
Keylit Carabiner Light Up Keyring

A protective iPhone case with digital zoom and spotlight for iPhone 4/4S
iPhone 4 & 4s Macro Lens & Spotlight
Was £12.95 Now £7.99
Need to dress up an outfit, attract attention, warn people of your presence or light up a party? Then the multi functional neon effects of EL wire could be for you. Whatever your reason, you’re sure to be seen with EL glow wire.
3m El Wire Glow Wire
As low as £13.46 each
Secure your bike or motorbike to a railing or gate with the heavy duty LED combination spiral lock, that has an added feature of an LED light to help you see what you are doing in the dark.
LED Combination Spiral Lock

A glowing LED weatherproof orb, fits on your keyring and easy to use anytime you need some light or use as a marker. Various settings...
Spotlit Led Keyring
Don’t fall foul of those forgeries out there. Thieves and criminals are getting smarter, and with print quality constantly improving, it can be difficult these days to identify forgeries. Use the UV blacklight bank note checker to verify the colour of your money.
Uv Bank Note Checker
An Ideal set of tools for Motorists to store in their glove box.
Auto Glove Box Set

This laser pen offers so much more -and at a fantastic price! Our fabulous four-in one laser-pen incorporates a laser-pointer, bright LED torch, pda stylus and a smooth writing ball-point pen...
Laser Pen 4 In 1
UV Replacement Bulb for Bank Note Checker
UV Replacement Bulb for Bank Note Checker
Make grinding salt and pepper easy with a practical and stylish Light Up Chrome Electric Mill. An electric salt and pepper grinder with integrated light that shines as you grind to illuminate your food.
Light Up Chrome Electric Mill Light Up Chrome Electric Mill

You never know when you might need a telescope, torch or compass…so carry all three in your pocket at all times!
Telescope Compass Keyring Torch Telescope Compass Keyring Torch
Most speakers are ugly; however these ones most certainly are not. Crank up the volume and watch the multi-coloured LED sprinkle effect dance to the beat of the music. Beat that Bellagio!
Dancing Water Speakers Dancing Water Speakers
A true Ultra Violet Purple laser pointer that can be used as a traditional laser pointer but is also the best at making glow in the dark products REALLY glow in the dark!
UV Purple Laser Pen UV Purple Laser Pen

MAGFIRE is a new firestarter that has been developed by survival experts to work trouble free after getting wet, in a storm and below freezing point.
Fire Steel - Magfire Fire Steel - Magfire
Perfect your timing when cooking, never lose track of time with the Light Up LED Colour Alert Timer. A fabulous cooking aid, this handy timer can also be used to alert you to timed activities.
Colour Alert Timer Colour Alert Timer
The Write Light is no novelty pen but a premium quality pen torch with batteries lasting 70 hours and an optical lense magnifying the 100,000 hour LED beam...
Write Light Write Light

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