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Romantic Glow

Glow Cutlery

Perfect for parties, camping and any other time you'll need to find your cutlery in the dark, these plastic knives, forks and spoons have been cleverly combined with our glowstick technology to provide over six glowing hours of light... Read more...

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A fantastic glowing set of glow cutlery! Get a glowing knife, fork & spoon - great for barbeques & camping.

Each pack contains a plastic knife, fork and spoon fitted with a glowstick style handle, just give them a quick bend to get the glow going for an illuminating meal. The glow continues for over 6 hours which is long enough for a full meal, desserts and they will still be glowing while you're packing everything up for the journey home.

Perfect for after dark events like dinner on the beach while watching the new-years fireworks or jacket potatoes on bonfire night.

Not suitable for children inder the age of 3.
Single use only.

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