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Glow Accessories

Glow in the dark & light up accessories that you can wear for a little extra sparkle and extra special effects.

What a bright idea! A quality flock bowler hat housing a super bright LED bulb to bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘light bulb moment’!
Light Headed Bowler Hat
Say "Aloha" to fun with fluorescent flowers! The Neon Hawaiian Lei Set brightens up your look with a glowing tropical theme!
Neon Hawaiian Lei Set
It's all in the eyes....and you eyes will tell an incredible story with UV reactive contact lenses!
I-Glow UV Lenses
Free contact lens solution & case
I-Glow UV Lenses

Brighten up your wellies and keep safe and seen on dark nights with colourful strap on LED Welly Lights.
LED Welly Lights
Safe and stylish are two words seldom seen together, however the Light Up Reversible Beanie Hat is the perfect combination of fun and function.
Light Up Reversible Beanie Hat
Get an instant stiff upper lip that glows with a pack of nine Glow in the Dark Moustache Tattoos. Perfect for fancy dress, these temporary tattoos glow in the dark and are super bright under UV blacklight.
Glow in the Dark Moustache Tattoos

With eight hot neon colours, you can change your look night after night with highlights that fluoresce under UV blacklight!
Janet Fluorescent Hair Mascara
A super kooky and very funky fancy dress costume, the limited edition Skinz Glow Skeleton Suit turn you into a walking glow in the dark spooky skeleton! Yikes!
Skinz Glow Skeleton Suit
Let your hands do the talking with vibrant coloured nails that fluoresce under UV blacklight.
Janet Fluorescent Nail Polish

Available in just pink or in a four pack of green, pink, orange and yellow, this glow in the dark nail polish gives an extra edge to your look!
Glow Nail Varnish
Accessorise your outfit with funky neon sunglasses with clear lenses. Available in pink, yellow, green or orange.
Neon Glasses Clear Lenses
As low as £1.25 each
Accessorise and look the part in bright and funky Blink Bandz LED bracelets!
Blink Bandz

Accessorise your look with a pack of six glow in the dark bracelets with a colourful powder effect inner....
Glow in the Dark Bracelets Mixed Colour (6 Pack)
Make yourself completely invisible or decorate this Black Stretch Body Suit so that only parts of you glow! The possibilities are endless for this fantastic body suit costume that'll black you out completely in the dark!
Black Body Suit
Take a light source and see it come alive in holographic colour! Choose your effect and see your vision transformed into a hypnotic light show!
FX Spex Deluxe Rainbow Glasses
As low as £1.48 each

Accentuate your look and highlight your hair with colourful fibre optic hair extensions!
Hot Hair Light Up Extensions
Funky festival chic, these gorgeous Glow in the Dark Wellies are perfectly practical with the added brilliant benefit of glowing in the dark!
Glow in the Dark Wellington Boots
Let little rockstars stand out in a crowd of fluffy bunnies and puppy dogs. This Pirate Pacifier is a must have for babies with attitude!
Pirate Skull Glow Pacifier

Lace up and let your feet do the talking with these fabulous Light Up Shoe Laces! Great fun for parties, performance or for visibility these brilliant laces light up your feet in spectacular style!
Flashing Shoe Laces
As low as £3.35 each
Give funky character to inanimate objects with these cool Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes. Keep the emergency tin with you for all eventualities!
Glow in the Dark Googly Eye Tin
The ultimate flexible glowing accessory, EL Glow Wire comes in five metre lengths to use in costume making, decoration and even light art!
EL Glow Wire 5m
As low as £22.42 each

Stunning glow in the dark lingerie made from luxurious silk and lace fabrics; seriously seductive, sexy and best of all... fun!
Glow in the Dark Lingerie
Switch up your look from day to night with pastel nail polishes that glow under UV light.
W7 UV Nail Polish
A brilliant party accessory for kids and adults, this pack of Glow in the Dark Wild Tattoos contains twenty wild animal themed temporary tattoos with glow in the dark outlines. Great for clubs and fancy dress.
Glow in the Dark Wild Tattoos

Keep the geek look going strong even when the lights go out.
Glow Goofy Teeth
Be cool and be seen with Blink Budz – motion activated earphones that flash as you move.
Blink Budz
Wow! Look at any light source in these funky FX Spex and see the world in a fabulous rainbow of colour!
FX Spex Rainbow Glasses Standard
As low as £0.23 each

Bling your fingers with dazzling holographic nail wraps.
Halo Nail Wraps
Customise your worn-out wardrobe with funky glow in the dark Puffy Paints; pastel colours that 'puff' to create awesome raised effects.
Twinpack Glow Puffy Paints
Protect your iPhone 5 and give it a glowing makeover with an iPhone 5 Glow Case. A two tone shock resistant protective case for your iPhone 5 that not only looks sleek and will glow brightly for hours.
iPhone 5 Glow Case
Was £14.99 Now £11.24

Add some girly glamour to your evening with a UV neon feather boa that glows under UV/blacklight.
UV/Neon Feather Boa
These professional quality, custom-fit vampire fangs are by far the most realistic on the market, perfect for taking a terrifying fancy-dress outfit to the next level.
Scarecrow Dental Fix Glow Fangs
A flirty pair of hot Neon Hold Up Stockings to dress up your outfit, these neon hold ups are available in neon green or neon pink to add ultra bright colour to your look, they even fluoresce under UV blacklight!
Neon Hold Up Stockings

E-Candy Shisha Sticks are similar to electronic cigarettes but with no nicotine at all and of course no tar, tobacco or any of the other nasties found in real cigarettes.
E-Candy Shisha Stick
A pack of three brightly coloured neon skinny belts in green, pink and orange.
Neon Belts (3 Pack)
Raise the roof with this super loud flashing air blaster horn!
LED Super Air Blaster Horn

Personalise your drink with these silicone drink markers and your drink will be spoken for all night, putting paid to those 'which one is mine' moments!
Glow Alphabet Drink Markers
Never experience the sheer panic of losing a dummy again with the award winning MAM Glow in the Dark Dummies (Pack of 2). Suitable for all ages from birth.
Mam Glow in the Dark Dummy
Accesorise your look with a vibrant green glow when you wear this fantastic Glow in the Dark Belt! A unisex belt that appears white in the light, turn out the lights to reveal your funky new glow belt.
Glow in the Dark Belt

Dress up your eyes in brilliant UV with Cool Effect UV Contact Lenses. The ultimate accessory for parties and clubs or just because you’re feeling different, you’re bound to turn heads in these funky numbers!
Cool Effect UV Contact Lenses
Free Contact Lens Solution
Cool Effect UV Contact Lenses
Funk up your fingers with polka dot nail wraps, then turn out the lights and watch your fancy fingertips glow in the dark.
Glow Polka Dot Nail Foils
Get the look and accessorise your outfit with this funky looking Flashing Fedora Hat! Complete with flashing LED's this classic black hat adds style and fun to your night and makes a fabulous prop or accessory.
Flashing Fedora Hat
As low as £3.18 each

Fabulous summer style, rock Glow Ankle Wellington Boots on campsites and at music festivals this summer for funky, glowing festival chic!
Glow Ankle Wellington Boots
Four bright and funky beaded bracelets in an assortment of neon colours that glow brightly under UV blacklight.
UV Neon Beads Bracelets
Make yourself completely invisible or decorate the Skinz Black Stretch Body Suit so that only parts of you glow! The possibilities are endless for this fantastic body suit costume that'll black you out completely in the dark!
Skinz Black Stretch Body Suit

It may be dark, but if you want to get noticed, then you'd better wear shades! As anyone in the limelight will tell's cool to wear shades, especially when they're glowing brightly! The ultimate party accessory!
Glow in the Dark Shutter Shades
As low as £1.02 each
Neon blue hair feathers that glow brightly to give your hair instant colour and drama!
Neon Blue Hair Feather
Make a style statement with funky glowing nails! Glow in the Dark Nail Polish can be used as a top coat to bright base colours or as a polish for amazing effects!
Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

Hold up your trousers and add some bright and funky colour to your outfit with UV braces.
UV Braces
Fishnet tights add instant glamour to any outfit! Imagine then if your fishnets were to light up under UV/blacklights...amazing!
UV Fishnet Tights
Was £3.95 Now £1.98
Lace up and glow with these UV reactive neon shoe laces.
Neon Shoelaces (12 Pack)

A short UV neon bob wig with blunt fringe that's UV reactive and so lights up under UV or blacklight.
UV Reactive Wigs
Accessorise your outfit with vibrant glowing colour and light up your legs in Opaque UV Neon Tights. Fantastic for stage, clubbing and parties they’re excellent for themed nights out or simply for adding dramatic colour to your look.
Opaque UV Neon Tights
A mesh UV neon tutu that lights up under ultra violet light. Looks fabulous worn either under a skirt or on its own for maximum impact!
UV Tutu

It may be dark but as the Blues Brothers would agree, its pretty cool to wear shades. Studded with lots of bright LED's these Light Up Flashing Shades will certainly light up the night...
Light Up Flashing Shades
As low as £2.10 each
A triple layered multi coloured (pink, yellow and orange) mesh neon tutu underskirt that can be worn either as underwear or as outerwear. Add the underskirt to any outfit to achieve instant cheeky glamour. Ideal for theme nights, clubbing and neon parties...Wear with a smile! * One size fits most * Tutu length: approx 24cm * Lights up under UV and blacklight
Uv Multicoloured Tutu
Fluffy flashing Bunny Ears that light up in 3 bright flashing colours. Plush feather finish. Multicolour flash. Batteries loaded & ready to go! (no messing with batteries)
Flashing Bunny Ears
As low as £1.82 each

Liven up your nails with this super sparkly set of neon glitters.
Electric Neon Nail Art Glitter
These flashing rings are very bright. Made of soft ,pliable, rubber these flashing rings fit most people and are easy & comfortable to wear
Light Up Rings
As low as £0.54 each
A set of 4 strings of UV reactive neon beads in pink, orange, green and yellow. Great fun for parties and clubbing, share beads with your friends, or bunch them together to make maximum impact! * 4 colour plastic UV neon pearl necklace set. * Approx 88cm length * Light up in UV and blacklight
UV Neon Pearls

Flashing Animal Soft Rings with multi-coloured flashing LED's inside a squidgy casing. One size fits all.
Flashing Animal Soft Rings
As low as £0.54 each
Be comfortable in your own skin and keep your friends guessing in these outstanding Skinz Neon skin suits ! These fabulous fancy dress outfits conceal your identity allowing you to be the life and soul of the party!
Skinz Neon Costume
Add some funky glow to your shoes or trainers with a pair of glow in the dark shoe-laces. Each lace glows brightly after a short charge from natural or artificial light...
Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces

Dress up your look with funky neon glow in a UV Ruffle Tutu. Perfect for fancy dress and kooky club outfits.
UV Ruffle Tutu
As low as £4.99 each
A hilarious one piece stretch zebra body suit with a funky psychedelic print that glows brightly under UV black light!
Skinz UV Glow Zebra
A pair of bright neon UV leg warmers. Not only do these fab 80's numbers look great but they glow under UV light too.
UV Reactive Legwarmers

Brighten up your look and add a flash of neon colour to your outfit with very funky Neon Footless Tights!
Neon Footless Tights
Get into the swing of your party and light up your outfit with the Flashing Party Necklace. Excellent for parties, celebrations, fancy dress and fun festivities.
Flashing Party Necklace Flashing Party Necklace
As low as £1.43 each
Glamorous Glitter & Lace Eye Masks are perfect for mischievous hen’s and flirty party goers to hide their identity. Perfect for creating a little mystery on hen nights, girls nights out and for fancy dress!
Glitter & Lace Eye Masks

A bright and colourful accessory, LED Tube Bracelets look fantastic as the lights flash around your wrist. Bright, colourful and fun!
LED Tube Bracelets
As low as £0.95 each
Theme your night out for glamorous fun with a fun and fluffy Flashing Girls Night Out Badge. Great fun and perfect for hen do’s and big nights out.
Flashing Girls Night Out Badge
Glow earrings are a great party product. Supplied in orange, green or blue. Simply activate the glow earring, clip on & get your ears glowing!
Glow Earrings
As low as £0.46 each

We’d love to stay and chat but we really moustache! In the meantime check out these cool neon taches, a colourful way to get in on the crazy moustache trend sweeping the nation.
Glow Party Moustache
Make the bride to be a princess for her big night with the fabulously glittery Hen Party Wand. Pink, fluffy and covered in sparkles, this flashing wand is just the thing to add a little magic to your hen night.
Flashing Hen Party Wand
A Light up Tiara to perch on top of any head with multicolour LED's and chrome silver effect. Take me to the ball!
Flashing Tiaras
As low as £1.74 each

Glowing whistles are made from glow in the dark plastic & will glow in the dark after exposure to light & under UV light Comes with cord necklace..
Glow In The Dark Whistles
As low as £0.29 each
These Glow Fangs & Candy Blood Bags are more treat than trick, and with eight in each pack they're perfect for Halloween parties.
Glow Fangs & Candy Blood Bags (8 Pack)
Was £2.99 Now £1.97
This Christmas jumper features an animated festive feline that uses a smart phone app to actually meow Christmas carols whilst looking around the room. Oh yes. Just take a moment to appreciate this mind blowing invention.
Singing Kitty Christmas Jumper

Let your wrists do the talking in these incredible sound reactive LED Bracelets. The ultimate beat activated accessory for clubs, parties and concerts, shine all night long in Beat Bands.
Beat Bands Beat Bands
As low as £2.15 each
Now you can shuffle like the best of them in this brushed gold finish cardboard robot head with flashing red led eyes.
Cardboard Robot Head Cardboard Robot Head
A pack of 120 temporary UV reactive stickers for decorating your wellies.
UV Glow Wellie Stickers UV Glow Wellie Stickers

Light Up Fairy Wings are illuminated by white fibre optics throught the wings. Comfortable elastic straps - recommended to all budding Tinkerbells...
Flashing Fairy Wings Flashing Fairy Wings
As low as £3.11 each
Be cool, be safe, and be seen with Blink Bugz. These clever motion activated bugz attach to almost anything using the magnetic pads or hook attachment, flashing as you move.
Blink Bugz Blink Bugz
Shocking pink hair feathers that glow brightly under UV/blacklight to give your hair instant colour and drama!
Hot Pink Hair Feather Hot Pink Hair Feather

Light up your look with colourful light from these incredibly funky disco shades! The Flashing Shutter Shades make a fabulous accessory and are great for fun nights out and parties!
Flashing Shutter Shades Flashing Shutter Shades
As low as £1.62 each
Say goodbye to hair colour and highlight your hair with sparkling hair gems!
Diamante Hair Gems Diamante Hair Gems

Very good and easy to use

Brian C
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