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Glow for the Home

Floating Candles

Floating Candles create a soft, magical and sometimes romantic atmosphere both indoors and out

Create a soft welcoming atmoshpere by reflecting beautiful flickering candlelight in water with luxurious Giant Floating Candles. Fantastic for ambient party lighting or simply relaxing by.
Giant Floating Candles
Floating Waterlily Candles are as beautiful unlit as they are lit. Floated in water, they give a real taste of the orient.
Floating Waterlily Candles (9 Pack)
Project an oasis of calm and tranquillity with Floating Pebble Candles. Simply float on water for a soothing, hypnotic effect from a stunning, contemporary decoration.
Floating Pebble Candles (4 Pack)

Say goodbye to those tealight candle holders, these Floating Candles only need water to hold them! Available in a variety of different colours.
Floating Candles
Floating lanterns look great on pool or pond or simply on dry land
Floating Flower Water Lanterns
From £1.50 each
Make the most of romantic water features with a super large Floating Pool Candle.
Floating Pool Candle

Lovely scented candles made from soy wax in a coconut shell that can float or stand freely.
Floating Coconut Shell Candles
Float your candles on water for a wonderfully tranquil atmosphere in the simple stylish glass Floating Candle Bowl. A stunning room decoration, the flames reflecting off the water is both hypnotic and relaxing.
Floating Candle Bowl
Floating paper lanterns look spectacular on any pool or pond. Includes Tealight Candles.
Floating Box Lantern
From £0.80 each

Love the website, love your products!

Klara K
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