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Sensory Glow ~ April is Autism Awareness Month

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Eco Torches

A range of Eco Torches that utilise alternative energy sources such as the solar power torch and the wind up torch. Eco Torches are now a useable reality...

NEW. A real usable torch - the age of wind up lighting is now here and what is more this wind up torch is bright and eco friendly. Wind for 60 seconds for 4 minutes of super bright light...
Eco Torch
The WakaWaka Light is the most efficient solar light in the world. Fully charged in just eight hours, the lamp is twice as efficient as any others, giving sixteen hours of bright light from just a single charge.
WakaWaka Light Yellow
Battery free light for trips outdoors, the Cyba-Lite Transformer torch is an eco friendly wind up LED torch that is a must have for light when you're camping.
Cyba-Lite Transformer

A usable torch with no batteries? Yep! Just give it a squeeze and the Penguin Eco torch powers up to light the way. Great children's torches
Penguin Eco Torch
A handy device that has combined a led torch and massager into one great camping and hiking item, Eco Massage Torch will provide light and relaxation that can never run out of power...
Eco Massage Torch
Drop this handy and cute little gadget into your childs christmas stocking, the Santa Torch will light up your christmas for your kids with his powerful torch and light up red nose!
Santa Eco Torch

The WakaWaka Power ingeniously combines the most efficient solar lamp in the world with a portable charger. Fully charged in just eight hours, the WakaWaka Power will fully replenish battery life on any smartphone in less than two hours, whilst still providing hours of safe, bright light.
WakaWaka Power Black
Save yourself the winding and charge your Eco Torch from your car with the Cyba-Lite 12V Eco Car Charger Lead.
Cyba-Lite 12V Eco Car Charger Lead Cyba-Lite 12V Eco Car Charger Lead

Very good. Easy site to use and check out/payment simple and quick. Thank you!

Helen O
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