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Colossus Lava Lamps

Impressive, Functional, Fun and Funky this Colossus lava lamp can even be used as a coffee table! The Colossus has got it all and it isn't afraid to flaunt it! Read more...

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Standing at an impressive four feet tall (thats over 1.2 metres) the colossus lava lamp is absolutely HUGE! This colossal lava lamp is ideal for making a big statement and of course it is a real working lava-lamp.

If you are looking for an accessory to add a subtle flair to your interior space, Colossus may not be for you. No, this lamp isn’t for the meek. Rather, Colossus has been designed for anyone with the desire to create a significant and lasting impression with clients, partners, employees, or friends. As the saying goes, GO BIG or GO HOME.

Available in four colour combinations this giant lava lamp is perfect for adding some retro theming to bars or restaurants, making a large statement in lobbies and entrance halls or just for a really, REALLY big lava motion lamp at home.

Why not add the coffee table fixture kit to make a coffee table that really speaks volumes?

Operating Info
Of course that much 'lava' takes a while to heat up and get into motion. The first time round you'll need to run it for some time to warm the lamp up;

Place the base in the location that you will run the lamp permanently - NOTE: The lamps run the best at about 21°C (70 °F). If your space is cooler than 21 degrees on a regular basis, your lamp may not run properly or it will take an extremely long time to warm up. NOTE: DO NOT MOVE the lamp once it is warm.

After the lamp has reached room temperature, screw in light bulb and place globe on base. NOTE: It is recommended to plug in the lamp and turn dimmer switch on to be sure the light bulb is working properly before putting the globe on the base.
Lift the globe onto the base carefully setting it down onto the base.
Place the cap happily on top of the globe (it weighs a lot less).

Turn the rheostat to 100% on and allow the lamp to run for 24-48 hours CONSTANTLY. Running it constantly for a longer period of time will allow all of the wax to melt down and it should perform at optimal use after about 24 hours.
NOTE: The lamp will not move in a fluid motion for 10-15 hours on its first run. Subsequent runs should have a quicker warm up time, however this amount of wax will not heat in more than 6-8 hours.

DO NOT TRY PUTTING A LARGER BULB THAN SPECIFIED IN THE LAMP, the formula is made to run with a 200 watt bulb and can be dimmed down if the lamp is running too quickly (lots of tiny blobs).

You have a couple of options about running your lamp daily:

1. Turn it on when you feel like it and sit and wait for 10 hours until it decides it is warm and happy.
2. Put your lamp on a timer and have it turn on every day 10 hours before you want it to be running.
3. Turn it down so the wax is still liquefied, but not flowing up and down when you are done enjoying it for the day and crank it up when you are ready for some action
LAVA flowing action that is.

Diameter: 66cm (26 inches) at its largest point
Height: 122 cm (4 feet)
Weight: 52 Kg

Note: The colossus lava lamp requires some assembly and the glass 'globe' section makes up a large portion of the total weight (around 45 kilos) care should be taken when lifting.

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