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Glow for the Home

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Flying Lanterns, Floating Water Lanterns, Candle Bags and other real flame lighting

Floating lanterns look great on pool or pond or simply on dry land
Floating Flower Water Lanterns
As low as £1.50 each
Designed for torchlit processions and perfect to light up the garden to show walkways or to add illumination at your barbeque or garden party these Procession Torches or Garden Candles look fantastic…
Procession Torch / Garden Candles
As low as £1.46 each
Flying Chinese Lanterns that are great for new years and other special events, will fly for up to 20 minutes and rise over a mile in the sky plus they are bio-degradable...
Chinese Flying Lanterns
£9.95 for 5

Great for outdoor decoration, Candle Bags can be used on pathways, tables, gardens and so much more. Add a sumptuous warm glow with these Luminaire Candle Bags.
Candle Bags
As low as £0.52 each
Mini LED Chinese Lanterns Add ambience and a subtle glow with beautiful and ornate Mini LED Chinese Lanterns that can be hung around your home. A pretty addition to any home or party.
Mini LED Chinese Lanterns
Light up pathways, tables and features outdoors with a warm, ambient glow in a pretty star design.
Candle Bags - Star
As low as £0.52 each

Add some warm ambient lighting to your garden or celebration with beautiful candle bags with heart design.
Candle Bags - Heart
As low as £0.52 each
Let these pumpkin shaped lanterns fly into the air and fill the sky with ghostly light, fantastic flying lanterns ideal for halloween!
Pumpkin Flying Lanterns
£14.95 for 5
A pack of 10 traditional Good Fortune Festival Lanterns
10 Good Fortune Festival Lanterns

Floating paper lanterns look spectacular on any pool or pond. Includes Tealight Candles.
Floating Box Lantern Floating Box Lantern
As low as £0.80 each

Excellent. Have always found it easy to use and the products are brilliant.

Janet P
27th of August 2015
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