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Childrens Torches

A great selection of childrens torches. Bright lights and bright colours - practical and fun...

Made from soft jelly plastic, these Gummy Bear Keyrings are even sweeter than the real thing!
Gummy Bear Keyring
Crank up the light with a cool LED Owl Torch and you’ll no longer give two hoots about how dark it is.
Owl LED Crank Light Torch
This scary Kaiju monster will not only protect your keys, but press the button and he will breathe a beam of fiery light too .
Kaiju Monster LED Keyring Torch

Look at those sad eyes, so full of shame. Press his tail to illuminate the LED's and watch his eyes light up.
Cone of Shame LED Keyring Torch
The Joker is one of the most notorious comic book villains of all time, and now he has been transformed into a ridiculously cool light.
Lego Joker Nightlight
Bring the night to life and project ten animal images onto surfaces and ceilings in your room! Brilliant bedtime fun, the Wildlife Nature Torch makes the dark a friendlier place by projecting your favourite animals into your room.
Wildlife Nature Torch

Brighten up the dark nights with these charming Smurf Keylight Torches, available in Smurf or Smurfette design.
Smurfs Keyring Torches
Make the dark a more fascinating and fun place to be with an astro projector torch. Turn out the lights and project cool space images onto ceilings and walls to create captivating light shows with this cool torch that even glows in the dark!
Astro Projector Torch
Yoda is the most powerful Jedi Master in the Star Wars Universe, and he’s putting his awesome powers to good use, lighting up your room with this cool LEGO LED Desk Lamp.
Lego Yoda LED Desk Lamp

This wise owl is even nerdier than he looks. Press his tail and super-bright LED's will illuminate from inside his wide rimmed specs, turning him into a handy torch.
Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
Available in Yoda, Storm Trooper, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Darth Vader.
Lego Star Wars Led Key Lights
Light your room with the Horse Torch & Projector, casting images of horses and ponies on your walls and ceiling.
Horse Torch & Projector

Set your key apart from the rest and light the lock with this wide eyed night owl key cap. Pop him on your key and he'll do the rest!
Owl Flash Light Key Cap
A cute little green character, this retro Space Invaders LED Keychain is a handy torch for your keys!
Space Invaders LED Keychain
View twenty-four colour NASA photographs with this handy space torch projector. Brilliant for fun in the dark!
Space Torch Projector

These cute little critters are simply adorable! Each features a signature sound effect and a bright LED torch, they're ideal company for your keys...
Animal Keyring Torch
Transform your room into a wild animal filled zoo with the Animal Torch and Projector.
Animal Torch & Projector
Make the dark a more adventurous place with a quirky Mole Miner Keyring Torch. A charming little character to light up your keys, this handy keyring torch is lit by a single white LED.
Mole Miner Keyring

Your own mini Imperial torch form!
Lego LED Stormtrooper Torch
A usable torch with no batteries? Yep! Just give it a squeeze and the Penguin Eco torch powers up to light the way. Great children's torches
Penguin Eco Torch
Cool kids will love the Spray Can LED Keyring Torch. Press the nozzle of the can to 'spray' a beam of light, giving them cool but functional lighting whenever they need it.
Spraycan LED Keyring Torch

Light up your kids adventures with these charming head torches. Two LED's shine from a cheeky monkey or a quirky meerkat to make Kids Animal Headlights. Ideal for camping trips, sleepovers and adventures in the dark!
Kids Animal Headlights
A torch, a megaphone, and a spooky sound machine that's ideal for Halloween parties, or spooky tricks all year round!
Fright Light Torch Sound Fx
Drop this handy and cute little gadget into your childs christmas stocking, the Santa Torch will light up your christmas for your kids with his powerful torch and light up red nose!
Santa Eco Torch

Spread a little festive cheer with the cool LEGO Santa Keyring Torch, perfect for kids and adults alike.
Lego Santa Keyring Torch
Project colourful patterns onto walls and ceilings
My Very Own Kaleidoscope Projector
View 24 Colour dinosaur images up to 36" wide.
Dinosaur Torch and Projector

Fresh from protecting the streets of Gotham, Batman is using his superpowers to light your room.
Lego Batman Nightlight Lego Batman Nightlight
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's the Lego Superman Nightlight!
Lego Superman Nightlight Lego Superman Nightlight
Your child's favourite Disney characters adorn these handy kid's torches to give your child light just when they need it most.
Disney Character Torches Disney Character Torches

What could be cuter, than a bunny on a scooter? A bunny on a scooter with an LED torch headlight, that's what!
Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch

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