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Camping Lanterns

A selection of camping lanterns for your next trip. Camping Lanterns illuminate a wider area than torches and are more practical...

The WakaWaka Light is the most efficient solar light in the world. Fully charged in just eight hours, the lamp is twice as efficient as any others, giving sixteen hours of bright light from just a single charge.
WakaWaka Light Yellow
Light your outdoor adventures and emergency situations with the Wali Inflatable Solar Lantern, a compact and lightweight alternative to traditional emergency lighting.
Wali Inflatable Solar Lantern
A fantastic and incredibly practical lantern light, the Gorillatorch Switchback is supported on the super flexible Gorrillapod tripod and also includes a head torch that includes red LED’s for night vision. Brilliant!
Gorillatorch Switchback
Was £49.99 Now £37.49

Can be used as a lantern and a torch, and features red flashing emergency light.
19 LED Camping Torch Lantern
A handy 4 LED Wind Up Lantern that is ideal for camping, outdoor activities and emergencies. No batteries required!
4 LED Wind Up Lantern
NEW. A real usable torch - the age of wind up lighting is now here and what is more this wind up torch is bright and eco friendly. Wind for 60 seconds for 4 minutes of super bright light...
Eco Torch

A fantastic emergency lantern that floats on water, the eGear 6 Day Lantern is compact and robust. Perfect for boat trips and outdoor adventures, this handy LED lantern has a brightness of up to 45 lumens.
eGear 6 Day Lantern eGear 6 Day Lantern
Don’t go into the wilderness without this super handy Wind up Lighter. An incredibly useful multi tool, this nifty gadget gives you flames and can also charge your phone, features a torch, a whistle, a compass and a temperature gauge! You can’t get handier than that!
Wind Up Lighter and Charger Wind Up Lighter and Charger
A pack of four colour changing LED light up tent pegs will not only keep your tent fixed to the ground but will illuminate it at night too.
4 Colour Changing LED Tent Pegs 4 Colour Changing LED Tent Pegs

The WakaWaka Power ingeniously combines the most efficient solar lamp in the world with a portable charger. Fully charged in just eight hours, the WakaWaka Power will fully replenish battery life on any smartphone in less than two hours, whilst still providing hours of safe, bright light.
WakaWaka Power Black WakaWaka Power Black

Excellent website. Very easy to checkout and create an account. Well done!

Marie D
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