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Sensory Glow ~ April is Autism Awareness Month

Accessories & Spares


Simple and stylish, the XL Filament Globe E27 light bulb shines with a warm amber glow for a charming vintage feel.
XL Line Filament Globe E27 40w Bulb (BL007)
Pay attention to even the smallest details and compliment your vintage industrial lighting with an elegant black fabric lighting cable to elevate your style!
Black & Copper Braided Lead
A handy socket converter that makes it easy convert your favourite lamp from an E27 fitting to an E14 fitting.
E27 - E14 Lamp Socket Converter (401.096)

Spare Rechargeable T-Light
Spare Rechargeable T-Light
An 11w energy saving light bulb which is a warm white in colour
Helix Evo ES E27 11W Bulb
Cable & Cotton Spare Bulbs (5 Pack)
Cable & Cotton Spare Bulbs (5 Pack)

Enhance the look of your lighting with the traditional appearance of the exposed filament incandescent bulb combined with energy efficient LED's.
B22 4W LED Cob Filament Bulb
Compliment your vintage lighting pieces with a warm glow from a stunning Teardrop Squirrel Cage 40W Bulb.
Teardrop Squirrel Cage 40w Bulb
A long test tube styled bulb with a stylish amber glow filament the Vintage Tube Bulb adds warmth and character to industrial lighting fixtures.
Vintage Tube Bulb E27 (ABC2506)

Swap standard bayonet bulbs for funky GU10 spotlights when you convert your fitting with the easy B22 - GU10 lamp socket convertor.
B22 - GU10 Lamp Socket Converter (401.091)
Lava Lamp Spotlight Bulb 100W
Lava Lamp Spotlight Bulb 100W
Eco Halogen E27 Bulb
Eco Halogen E27 Bulb

Don't let the look of your light fittings be ruined by ugly energy saving bulbs. The E27 LED Cob Filament bulb looks just like a traditional incandescent lamp.
E27 4W LED Cob Filament Bulb
Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your LED colour change tape kit and enjoy a whole world of static colours and dynamic modes!
Bluetooth Tape Controller (153.767)
Striking vintage lighting, use the Globe Filament Bulb as a stand alone light fixture or to compliment retro lighting styles.
Globe E27 40W Bulb (BL004)

Convert your favourite lamp into a dimmable lamp and change the light intensity depending upon your mood.
Plug-in Dimmer Switch
A handy socket converter to convert smaller E14 fittings to take larger E27 bulbs without the need to rewire.
E14 - E27 Lamp Socket Converter (401.095)
Adapter for UFO Lights
Adapter for UFO Lights

A 40w SES E14 energy saving eco halogen bulb
Round Bulb 42W SES E14
Eveready R39 30w SES Reflector Bulb
Eveready R39 30w SES Reflector Bulb
Light darkened spaces all night long with the B22 dusk til dawn light sensor bulb.
B22 Dusk Til Dawn 3W Bulb (18914)

Make the most of stylish industrial and vintage styled lighting with a Mini Squirrel Cage Teardrop 25W Bulb.
Mini Squirrel Teardrop 25w Bulb
Update lighting fixtures with funky filament bulbs that add warmth to vintage industrial lighting fixtures.
Vintage Dome Bulb E27 (ABC2503)
Convert existing GU10 fittings to E27 with one handy little tool.
GU10 - E27 Lamp Socket Converter (401.094)

A quick starting 11w energy saving light bulb for energy conscious users.
Rapid Start SES E14 11W Bulb
LED Stand for 3D Blocks
LED Stand for 3D Blocks
The E14 Candle LED Cob Filament Bulb combines the look of traditional candle bulbs with energy efficient LED's. Perfect for chandeliers and elegant home lighting.
E14 2W Candle LED Cob Filament Bulb

A twin pack of replacement lava lamp bulbs to keep your Premier Lava Lamp going!
Reflector 40W SES-E14 Bulb
With a warm amber glow from it's decorative filaments, the Filament 40W E27 Bulb is the perfect compliment for vintage lighting fixtures.
Filament 40w Bulb E27 (BL003)
A quick, no fuss way to convert your E27 lamp sockets to GU10 spotlight fittings with no need to rewire.
E27-GU10 Lamp Socket Converter (401.092)

Turn your favourite lamp or ceiling light into a remote controlled, dimmable light with B22 bayonet remote controlled lampholders.
Remote Control Lamp Holders (2 Pack)
A Spare Bulb for the Reading Lights & Climbing Lights.
Chrome Tip Bulb
Keep your lava lamp glowing bright with the Reflector Lamp 25W SES E14 bulb
Reflector Lamp 25W SES E14

Turn any light light fixture into a light sensor night light with an E27 Dusk Til Dawn 3W Bulb.
E27 Dusk Til Dawn 3W Bulb (18915)
Blacklight bulb that fits our UV cannon, a powerful bulb that will supercharge all UV reactive items and make them glow in the dark!
400w Blacklight Bulb E40 Fitting
BioBulb - The energy saving daylight bulb - combines the eco friendliness of energy saving bulbs with the brightness of a 60W bulb and the light colour and intensity of a daylight bulb!
Biobulb 20w (60w Daylight Bulb)

Black light without the fuss. This UV Black Light Bulb fits into a regular bayonet fitting on almost any lamp or ceiling light.
UV Black Light Bulb
Energy efficient colour change lighting! Create atmospheric lighting at the touch of a button with the remote controlled Colour Change Bulb. With 16 static colours or set to white, one bulb does it all.
Colour Change Bulb
Philips Ecoambiance Globe Bulb
Philips Ecoambiance Globe Bulb Philips Ecoambiance Globe Bulb

I thought this was an excellent website - beautifully photographed and I wanted to spend more - though my budget wont allow it at the moment - I will definately be looking at it again near Christmas!

Jo R
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