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Veglo Commuter X4 ~ as seen on This Morning

Glow Party

UV Lights & Black lights

Ultra violet lighting to suit any room size, from simple UV bulbs to powerful UV cannons.

Introduce a UV strobing effect to your performance and entice party goers to the dance floor.
Slimline UV LED Par Ultraviolet Light Effect
A powerful UV Cannon which emits an incredible amount of UV light that will cover a large area, ideal for night clubs, rave parties and more!
Uv Cannon 400w With Bulb
Prices from £130.90
A true UV Blacklight LED low profile self adhesive tape kit for cool lighting effects.
UV Blacklight LED Tape 5m

A torch featuring a 4w UV blacklight tube as well as a powerful white bulb, ideal for checking for counterfeit currency or picking up bugs and dust.
Blacklight Uv Torch
The ultimate handy torch the Inova X5 UV Torch can be used for a multitude of uses and detects UV reactive materials on the 365-400 nanometer wavelength making it an absolute must tool for tradesmen, hotel inspectors and even pest control.
Inova X5 UV Torch
A high powered UV blacklight for private and professional application, take your party to the next level..
UV Blacklight Fixture

The perfect UV Forensic Torch for effective counterfeit detection and property marking identification, used by security professionals, door staff and police forces.
UV Forensic Torch and Holster
A true Ultra Violet Purple laser pointer that can be used as a traditional laser pointer but is also the best at making glow in the dark products REALLY glow in the dark!
UV Purple Laser Pen
UV is incredibly versatile, light up fluorescent art, check your UV makeup or indulge your inner clean freak. Either way, the 21 LED UV torch will spectacularly light up any UV reactive ingredient...
Led UV Torch (21 LED)

Blacklight bulb that fits our UV cannon, a powerful bulb that will supercharge all UV reactive items and make them glow in the dark!
400w Blacklight Bulb E40 Fitting
Good source of UV light with a range of 370 - 375 nanometres, meaning will detect security markings on bank notes as well as smart water and invisible UV inks.
UV Counterfeit Keyring Torch
UV is great fun but also pretty functional too. A funky little keyring torch means that you’ve got the power of UV with you at all times.
Uv Keyring Torch (3 LED)

Black light without the fuss. This UV Black Light Bulb fits into a regular bayonet fitting on almost any lamp or ceiling light.
UV Black Light Bulb
Don’t fall foul of those forgeries out there. Thieves and criminals are getting smarter, and with print quality constantly improving, it can be difficult these days to identify forgeries. Use the UV blacklight bank note checker to verify the colour of your money.
Uv Bank Note Checker

I thought this was an excellent website - beautifully photographed and I wanted to spend more - though my budget wont allow it at the moment - I will definately be looking at it again near Christmas!