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Glow for the Home

Birthday Candles

Decorate cakes and desserts with a range of Birthday Candles, ice fountains and sparklers

Create breathtaking displays with showers of silver sparks with these stunning Sparkling Celebration Candles! These indoor fireworks make spectacular cake or table decorations.
Sparkling Celebration Candles (40 Pack)
Kooky cake decorations, Happy Birthday Pop Tops are a safe way to add birthday messages to your birthday cake. Simply pop them in and then out of your cake for funky cake decorations that can be used time and again.
Happy Birthday Pop Tops
That's Fork Candles, not four candles! What a great idea, everyone gets a fork with their own birthday candle!
Fork Candles (12 Pack)

Adorable celebration and birthday cake candles in pretty pink, Dotty and Stripy Pink Candles are ideal cake decorations for birthday girls of all ages.
Dotty & Stripy Pink Candles
Colour Flame Birthday cake candles with a difference! As you can see by the picture these amazing birthday cake candles actually burn with different coloured flames...
Colour Flame Birthday Candles (12 pack)
Decorate your child's birthday cake with a five pack of adorable Dinosaur Birthday Candles. Kids will love these charming purple dinosaurs that will make your child's cake extra special on their big day.
Dinosaur Birthday Candles (5 Pack)

A swashbuckling set of candles that are fit for sea dogs of all ages! These super cute Pirate Candles are fantastic cake decorations for birthdays or any other occasions!
Pirate Candles (4 Pack)
Cute and decorative Dalmatian Candles make fabulous cake decorations for kids and doggy enthusiasts. Four individual puppies on stakes sit perfectly on birthday and celebration cakes for cute and spotty fun decorations.
Dalmatian Candles (4 Pack)
Candles with a message! Proper igniteable cake candles that spell out the message "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
Happy Birthday Candles

Add some colour to your birthday cake with striped colourful candles. Bright and beautiful candles add some fantastic colour to your celebration.
Colourful Striped Candles
3,2,1, Blast off! These fantastic fun Space Candles are great for decorating birthday cakes and celebration cakes for budding astronauts, space fans and those who love adventure.
Space Candles (4 Pack)
Count down your child's age with their favourite story book characters when you use Children's Story Book Birthday Candles.
Children's Story Book Birthday Candles

Make your party go with a bang! Create an explosion of colour with Vivid Volcano Indoor Fireworks. Colour changing flame explodes from the volcanoes providing excellent interactive displays.
Vivid Volcanoes Indoor Fireworks
These colourful jumbo candles will be the icing on the cake at any celebration! They even glow with a coloured flame!
Jumbo Party Candles
Perfect for sports enthusiasts of all ages these Sports Ball Candles make great birthday or celebration cake candles. Each mini cake decoration is a featured sports ball which is ideal for active kids and adults!
Sports Ball Candles (5 Pack)

A party must have for any cake connoisseur, if you love cake then you'll love the Cake Central Cute Candles!
Cake Central Cute Candles (5 Pack)
Add a comic twist to your birthday and celebration cakes with these fantastic Matchstick Candles. A fun cake decoration, these matches candles certainly embrace minimalist style and are great for those with a no-fuss mentality.
Matchstick Candles (12 Pack)
Delightful love Heart Candles make fabulous cake decorations for romantic occasions or for girly birthdays. Cute and fun party candles, these fun candles make incredibly sweet cake decorations.
Heart Candles (6 Pack)

When regular birthday candles aren't quite enough, top your cake with the outstanding Cake Candelabra! Perfect for special birthdays, or for those whom are a little bit posh!
Cake Candelabra Decoration
Delicious looking cake decorations, Cupcake Candles are ideal for birthday and celebration cakes. Cute decorative cupcakes sit on top of cake stakes to make colourful and quirky birthday candles.
Cupcake Candles (5 Pack)
A musical cake topper that will add some colourful lighting to the top of a birthday cake as well as play "Happy Birthday" as it lights up.
Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Cute little military themed birthday candles, these Tank Birthday Candles make fantastic cake decorations for boys birthday cakes. Perfect for following a theme involving armies or even super heroes!
Tank Birthday Candles (5 Pack)
Say it in candles and watch it go down in flames! The candles spell out the loving sentiment of "LOST COUNT" for those forgetful birthdays.
Lost Count Candles
Add a whole lot of sparkle to your special event with this Bumper Box of Partytime 10cm Sparklers.
Bumper Box of Partytime 10cm Sparklers

Stylish 5” Tapered Candles make incredibly elegant birthday candles and fantastic celebration cake decorations for weddings, anniversaries and party events.
5 Inch Tapered Candles (12 Pack)
Create dazzling fountains of silver sparkle with these Ice Fountain Candles!
Partytime Ice Fountain Candles (48 Pack)
Make a fuss of girly girls with cute and fun Princess Candles. A fabulous cake decoration whatever the occasion for those who love all things pink and magical!
Princess Candles (8 Pack)

Add a subtle sparkle to your cake decorations with a pack of eighteen wax covered sparkling candles. Fabulous indoor fireworks with a prolonged silver sparkling effect.
Sparkling Candles
These candles spell out the message "YOU'RE OLD" the ideal cake decoration for brithday people who officially reach the age of 'old'.
You're Old Candles
Add some sophistication to your celebrations by decorating your cakes and puddings with After Dark Chic Candles. Monochrome black on white is the ultimate style statement and these candles wear it well.
After Dark Chic Candles

Colourful and fun looking candles that are perfect to put in a birthday cake, comes in football candles for boys and flowers for girls...
Celebration Candles
The ultimate in birthday candles, amaze that special person on their birthday, with a Musical Sparkling Flower Birthday Candle.
Pink Flower Musical Birthday Candle
Make your presents illuminate at night as well as looking great in the day, this Glow in the Dark Wrapping Paper is great for all special occasions...
Glow In The Dark Wrapping Paper

Get the party started with a bang with this bumper box of Holographic Silver Party Poppers.
Holographic Silver Party Poppers (50 Pack)
Add a little sparkle to your celebrations with Mini Gold Sparklers. A twenty pack of mini indoor sparklers to make your parties a little more special, these gold sparklers also make great table decorations.
Mini Gold Sparklers (20 Pack) Mini Gold Sparklers (20 Pack)
A Premier League Birthday Candle for Football Fans...Create that 'Man of the Match Feeling' with a Spectacular Football Trophy Musical Birthday Candle
Football Trophy Musical Birthday Candle Football Trophy Musical Birthday Candle

Wave these stylish and beautiful Mini Sparklers at special events such as weddings, birthdays and much more!
Mini Sparklers (20 pack) Mini Sparklers (20 pack)
A pack of Magic 3D Birthday Glasses and Sparklers to add a little wow to your birthday party! Look at your sparklers or any light source wearing the glasses and the secret message "Happy Birthday" will appear!
Magic 3D Birthday Glasses & Sparklers Magic 3D Birthday Glasses & Sparklers
Brighten up your table settings and make a magical impact of guests with delightful Gold Star Sparklers.
Gold Star Sparklers (5 Pack) Gold Star Sparklers (5 Pack)

Up the sparkle at your special event with these Monster Golden Sparklers. Each measures a massive 44cm long, giving off an amazing golden sparkle that goes on and on!
Monster Golden Sparklers (5 Pack) Monster Golden Sparklers (5 Pack)
A fantastic firework display that is small enough to be stuck into a cake, these Ice Fountains will make a colourful fountain of sparks when lit!
Ice Fountains (3 Pack) Ice Fountains (3 Pack)
A pack of fifteen silver glittery indoor sparklers that add extra excitement to all special occasions.
Very Special Sparklers Very Special Sparklers

Make a spectacle of your birthday and celebration cakes & make them a little more personal. Add sparkling numbers & shapes, they are very effective...
Sparkler Candles Sparkler Candles
For the love of cake, these Mini Flaming Cake Fountains are amazing! Light your cake in spectacular style with fabulous colourful indoor fireworks that are compact enough to pop onto cake, they beat traditional candles hands down!
Mini Flaming Cake Fountains Mini Flaming Cake Fountains

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